Las Vegas trip report - Goodbye Tropicana (3/4 - 3/13) (1 Viewer)


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Nov 7, 2014
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It's time for another Vegas trip report from yours truly....

Leaving in little over 4h.....05.48h local I catch my train to the airport), then @10.10h first flight to O'hare.
About 4 hours layover and then straight to Sin City, should touch ground at 18.30h

Staying at the Horseshoe for 9 days...while I like the Tuscany, it's just much more pratical.
No smoking room this time :eek: (keeping the 420 on the downlow) and main focus on some tournies...

This is running when i'm there:

Venetian Deepstack Showdown
PokerAtlas tour
Wynn Millions

Besides poker, plenty of time to other stuff....maybe trying to visit a LV Knights game ?
Also, saying goodbye to Tropicana....have to play there one more time while still possible.

@slisk250 Mikey had to sit this one out...not sure if Rufus @BootySnatcher makes it but if he does then he always has a place to stay.
For sure I'll drop by at @Okku & the Spinettis crew and meeting up with locals @Jackstraw and @djmarc

If you are in Vegas, let me know...always cool to meet up with PCF friends & allies
For those at home...join me on this virtual ride...

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Just missed you! I just got back yesterday, and I'll be back the 15th for the PokerAtlas event at resorts world and Wynn millions event that weekend.

I'm gonna have to recommend cash games at Aria as well, tried it for the first time this last weekend and it was great action.
Good morning PCF

After a few hours of sleep, I went for my first Earl of Sandwich and a visit to P13.
Vegas is still very slow, passed maybe 50 people tops on my way back to Horseshoe.

Played 2 hours 1/3 and cashed out +$47…back to bed and just woke up.
Breakfast at eggslut and then going to Venetian to play 1C of the $600 Ultimate stack (DeepStack Showdown) at 11.00h.
Well rested and focused… let’s go :cool
So jealous, I love that card room. Any info you hear about the new one they're building would be cool too.

Good luck mate!
Good morning PCF

What’s the best way to handle a tourney bust….


Run op my $300 BI on 1/3 and switch to 2/5



Racked up $1300…grinded back my Venetian BI and then some

Some shut eye now and lunch with a OG PCF member…after that

First lesson at the shooting range

:cool :cool

Have a great day @all and more updates later….thanks again for all the likes and reactions.

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