Large or small cash set? (2 Viewers)

I've been able to get away with 400ct cash sets for a single table:

100 50c fracs
100 $1s
100 $5s
100 $20s

Basically all 100 fracs/1s are out, and the $5s get mostly used up. It's rare to bring out a $20. Most people don't run full racks of their top denom, so you could have way less $20s and even more $1s or $5s.
Which is close to my ideal home game breakdown for maximum flexibility:


I’m working on a set with this exact breakdown now.
Agreed. 800 chips works great, 1000 chips is unlikely to be outgrown play up to 1/2. I used to carry 600 chips with me and we almost ran out once. I have since started to carry 700-800 and up to 1200 for bigger games.
I too have found that you can kind of increase the $ action by the quantity and value of chips on the table. For our $0.25/$0.50 NLHE game, I start by giving everyone at the table a barrel (20) quarters. I have since realized that with a lot of quarters on the table, there are a lot of limps with quarters. I've noticed that if I limit the quarters at the table more betting is done with dollars and the bets begin to be higher. As the game gets going later in the evening, I color up the quarters to half of the original amount and the game continues with more betting action. So it just depends on if you want the game to play like a $0.25/$0.50 game, 20 quarters per starting stack. If you want the game to play bigger, go down to 10 quarters per player.
I have a Scroll set that doesn't have 25c chip so I make all the 50c chips 25c. I have 600 50c chips. All buy ins are paid in small chips until all are on the table. Then I bring in the ones. On a long night almost 2 racks of 1s

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