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Dec 20, 2021
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Des Moines Iowa

I have a Paulson Indiana Grand cash game set ideal for $1/$2 and $2/$5

In the following breakdowns
150 @ $1
728 @ $5
200 @ $25
75 @ $100
25 @ $500
10 @ $1000
2 @ $5000

Before I put it on here, how much would this be worth selling for? Don’t want to over value the set but also don’t want to get burnt on lowballs. Tia (also fwiw will trade for similar Paulson sets)
Best bet would be to browse the classified and see what individual racks/barrels of those denoms have been selling for, then maybe apply an adjustment for selling the set as one piece. For example searching indiana grand $5s, I'm seeing racks sold between $200 and $270 so it will probably vary based on your patience and the condition of the chips.

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