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Jan 12, 2023
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I don't intend to spend a ton on a set, but I love the idea of custom labels. I'd like to create a cash set for .25/.5/1 games. Is it odd to buy new chips from Apache that aren't from the same mold, and then create a custom label for them? I know that resale may be affected having a set that has different molds, but I don't plan on selling these ever. Just wanted thoughts on making a set like this with a few of the chips from the Majestic cc set and a couple from the Bank cc set from Apache.
Not odd at all, great budget choice and leaps and bounds above non-denom noncustom dice chips. If the mold difference doesn't bother you, most players won't even notice let alone care. Enjoy, cheap set, hopefully you are happy and stop there...but that would be an outlier.
Is it odd to buy new chips from Apache that aren't from the same mold, and then create a custom label for them?

IIRC, Apache used to offer the option of custom labels for these chips—an option now discontinued.

So it doesn’t seem weird at all.

(I’m not sure how easy these are to remove, or how thin the new labels need to be to avoid spinners. Also can’t remember if they still offer blanks on these molds.)

As far as mixing the Banks and Majestics, the molds are pretty subtle. And both types of chips otherwise feel the same to me.

You could even go with an oversized Royal for the $100…
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Do what YOU like. The labels on the Majestic and Royals are fairly easy to remove, no experience with the Bank chips, but, I'd guess them to be about the same. As far as future value, well, these chips are likely not going to appreciate in value, nor, are they going to lose a lot either. They are very good chips at their price point which makes them good candidates to do whatever you choose to make them just the way you want. Enjoy, and post pics when you're done, please.
Thanks everyone - I appreciate the replies. I've never spent so much time on deciding what chip combination or chip set to buy...it's fun, but also nauseating that I've hemmed and hawed over this so much. Gotta just go for something.
If it helps, this will probably be the least expensive set you'll purchase in this hobby. Buy the first one and get it over with so you can start planning you next set.

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