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Mar 26, 2024
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New York
Anyone have any thoughts on "The Mint" Chip Set from BBO Poker? I'm thinking about getting a few different sets. So far I really like the Dias De Los Muertos from BR Pro Poker, the Pharaoh's from Apache, and "The Mint" from BBO Poker. I Don't have a sample set for "The Mint" though. I was thinking of getting a few 500 counts. Too many cool chips- can't pick, must buy all.

Then at some point it would be nice to get a THC chipset to join the big boys. lol.

My initial thoughts are that the faces are all very dark and busy which could make it difficult to sort chips when they are in a pile. Also, why doesn't the $1 have a dollar sign?
I had the same thought about the faces being too similar. Good eye on the $1 also. Not a fan at all of the $10,000 (skipping the other in between and also lacking the $?) with the rainbow edge. Just asking for a dirty stack
Yeah, thanks for the opinions all. I think I agree, especially with the dark coloring and large graphics make chip sorting more of an issue than it should be. If anything it might make a neat sample set.

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