Nile Club Chips - Color/Quality? (2 Viewers)


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Mar 26, 2024
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New York
Hello all,

I've taken everyone's advice and grabbed some sample sets:

Ace Casino Smooth, Monte Carlo Smooth, and Nile Club from The Poker Store.
Nile Club, Royal Card Room, Majestic Star Casino Paulsons from Apache Poker.
Dias De Los Muertos from BR Pro Poker.

So, I received the Nile Club sample set from The Poker Store and the colors look super faded to me, especially the Black $100. It's hard to capture in a photo but It almost looks like there is dusty whiteness to the colors. In other reviews and other people's photos it- doesn't look as bad as the sample set I received. I was thinking of buying these before the sample set got here- now i'm not so sure. Do you guys think this was an anomaly- or is this what they all look like and I just can't tell in other people's photos and reviews? I have another Nile Club sample set coming from Apache. I'm going to see if they look any different. Otherwise I'm going to need to go another direction. If anyone knows about this, or can speak from personal experience, definitely appreciated. Or if people have photos or videos of their own they would like to post- please feel free to do so- as it may help me out.

I took some photos:




My bad, the other sample set is actually Pharaoh's Poker. So I won't have another sample set to compare to. Any information? Feedback? Photos/Videos of Nile club chips may be helpful. Still waiting on the Apache sample sets and BR Pro Poker Sample Set.

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