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High Hand
Mar 2, 2020
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United States
I am not sure if I would be able to do this, but some of my Monte Carlo chips are not labeled properly. Would I be able to print these labels and place these on the chips missing the labels? Not sure if this is possible or not.

Thank you.


Two Pair
Nov 14, 2018
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Tucson, AZ
Tbh, you probably could get some printable vinyl sticker paper, get a hole punch for a label that size, then print and carefully cut, but:

1. Unless you have a VERY nice printer, the quality downgrade could be quite noticeable
2. You might not be able to find the exact size punch needed for that label, and may have to settle for a smaller label than the original. Ans, even if so, it is likely you could have some off center miss-cuts.
3. Whatever you print will not be laminated or protected in any way, and the ink will most likely gradually wear off.

Instead, a much better option might be to look into our own labeling vendor here, @Gear.

Depending on how many labels you need, he could easily set you up with fully professional labels, exactly as needed, label matching, size, etc. And even if you only need a small amount, maybe have some extras just in case, or replace some that are in better, OK condition now, but you would also rather have looking perfect. He is behind on his messages but once you do get ahold of him, and place an order, he is very quick. Or maybe you wish there was another label altogether for your chips, then now is a good time to rebrand!

In all fairness, could you do it yourself, while none here would recommend it, you absolutely could, if you’re 100% confident you do it well wnough and they’d last long enough so that you would have to keep burning through vinyl or processes to either maintain or get it right. No one will stop you and some will want to see how it turns out. But give Gear a look first.
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