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Jan 23, 2024
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I'm looking to buy my first ever poker chips other than the Walmart ones. Through the videos I've seen, I like the look of the Monte Carlo poker chips. I'm living in Canada, and on every website, there is a big shipping cost. So I've seen some bad reviews about the Monte Carlo on Amazon, so I'll stay away frome these. But on eBay, these one look legit for me.|tkp:Bk9SR8bL8c-mYw

Can you guys give me your honest review ? I'd like to order a sample, but the shipping fees are higher than the actual sample cost ... I'll order about 600 or 800 Monte Carlo Chips. Also, the reason why I'm interested in the eBay ones, is because I play small stakes with my friends. 10c/20c or 25c/50c blinds, so I mainly want small value poker chips.

Thank you.
All those Monte Carlos will be the same/very similar, don't expect different ones between Amazon or eBay. They're not bad, definitely a step up from the normal plastic dice chips, but they're still plastic with weights in them.

I like the feel of them, and for $100 + shipping its not a bad deal. But don't expect them to be very high quality, there may be some differences in color.

If I could, I would tell myself to just purchase these and delete my account, but its too late.
I had similar chips initially, but in the end, you may find that you want a much nicer custom chips, just like I did once I found this site.
One doesn't have to spend a fortune, but there are way nicer options on the group buys that will satisfy the itch better than any 14gram slugs.
The issue will always be shipping from the US to Canada, and most group buys will not send them to Canada. I get stuff sent to a package depot on the US side near the border, then go pick them up at my convenience.
Have you checked out
They have various designs, some quite nice if you like the 14G chips, and they sell them by the roll of 25.
They typically don't have the $0.05 chip denoms, so the eBay Monte Carlo might be your best bet.

Good Luck with your decision.
You can play small stakes with $1 chips and up, and divide by 10. That’s how I started out here. And now have moved to the $.25/$.25 set up.

My experience with the Monte Carlo’s are that they are heavy and can get sticky. My personal honest review would be to hold off and look to put together a set for $.25/$.25. But in reality, most people will not care about your fancy chips, so long as it allows for y’all to play whatever game y’all are into.

I guess it really depends on how much you’re trying to spend. If you stick around, be prepared to spend $1000+. Honest opinion.
If you stick around, be prepared to spend $1000+. Honest opinion.


Came to point OP here, great site for Canadians. Got my Milano chips (branded there as crazy horse) for my relabel projects there, and was very happy with my experience. If you do buy from there, get some of the $10 Modiano playing cards. Great cards for dirt cheap, they are all I use now.

Also, you could design your set where the denominations are in cents instead of dollars. Make the $5 chip really 5c, the $100 chip $1, etc. Opens up a lot of options for micro stakes.
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A friend has these chips and we just bought him additional chips to better accommodate two tables from eBay.

They were definitely the best price (albeit without shipping to Canada) and arrived very quickly from Vegas.

I do agree with the poster above who said that 14g is definitely on the heavier side, but all in these are solid chips.

I do recall the purple and black being a little too close to each other if you're planning to use them for tourneys, but a solid, good looking chips (love the glitter ring BTW)
The one thing I love here is that you get to choose the breakdown you want vs get stuck with a set that doesn't work for cash or tournament.

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