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Sep 18, 2016
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I've had the chips for a THC solids set for years that I've been meaning to put together (once I get them milled) - I posted a mockup in the fun/science thread a year or so ago but I've improved it and now looking for feedback again.

I've been bouncing in between a version with a grey background vs a colourful one which colour matches the chips. The T25k & Bonus chips will rarely hit the table - the T25-T5000 is the important bit.


(The T1000 is actually Peach and the T25000 is Salmon but I've picked chip colours that are closer on screen - the Peach & Salmon look really washed out on the design tool compared to reality)
I love the 'BONUS' and the denoms and the black, and the bull is nice. I think I like the grey better though
I think the grey is better, but I'll do it lighter. Another option I'll try is using the same color on the chip, but a lot lighter. Of course, the numbers in the same color...
Cheers for the feedback. I thought the coloured one would get more votes but the consensus seems pretty clear. I've tried some different shades of grey below - the second chip is the same shade of grey as the previous mockup.

I also had a go at mashing up the two concepts


Still toying with a number of slightly different variations on this label. I'm still leaning towards a design with the circular ring (maybe I've just spent too long looking at the no-ring version) but I'm liking the all-white version too. Trialling some different outer rings without the colour matching rainbow thing.

Trialling a red version as well - kind of goes with the Matador theme.


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