Joann fabric 60% off suckered me into buying vinyl (1 Viewer)


Jan 9, 2015
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Lansing, MI
Well...I'm assuming for the fugly poker table thread...I was with my wife at Joann and ended up buying some vinyl. They have 60% off through tomorrow. I didn't know what vinyl to get but I saw this matte black vinyl that caught my eye. It was listed as upholstery vinyl. Spralding is the brand. It was $24.99 a yard so I got it for $9.99 a yard .

The headliner foam they had seemed kind of thin...anyone use it? It was $17.99 a yard. No density listed. If it's decent I'll grab some tomorrow with another 60% off coupon. This is all going with Navy SSC from YAT.
The headliner foam is just ok. It's not very dense. If I had a choice, I'd go with better quality for the surface foam, but I know of others that have used this headliner foam with satisfactory results. IBe used it on some side tables, and it's a softer squish ire feel.
I've used the headliner on a topper and a folding table and I like it fine. Under tight SSC, I think it gets a bit of pre-compression and seems stiffer but thinner, compared to just having a sample between your fingers. Picking up cards and stacking chips is great. I've heard people complain about the sounds chips make when they impact the table material through the foam. I haven't noticed that, but I could imagine some people might find that problem. If they do, they tend to prefer volara, I think (which is much stiffer, by reputation).
I have built several tables using headliner foam and vinyl from JoAnn's Fabrics. Great deals when combined with their 60% off coupons. As AT mentioned, once under compression beneath SSC, it works just fine.

All of my folding table-toppers use headliner.
Spradling makes a lot of different vinyls, but they're a good company. They're the manufacturer of whisper vinyl.
Great deals there! I have made several toppers and poker tables using fabric, foam, and vynil all from Joanns.
I built tables with both Volara and headliner foam. I much prefer the softer feel of the headliner foam. I'm not sure I've noticed a difference in sound.

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