Cash Game If someone's away from the table how do you handle missed blinds? (1 Viewer)

If a player is away from the table when they are in the blinds we...

  • Pull their blinds from their stack and muck their hand

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  • Make them post when they return to the table

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Apr 18, 2022
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Just curious what's more common. Card rooms around here all take their blinds and the dealer usually mucks their hand as soon as the deal is complete. That's typically what I'll do while hosting as well, but they get a little time to get back if they're close. Generally I prefer this as it encourages people to not take long trips away from the table.

I know having to post is more common in casinos, and some players get very upset about the dealer or other players touching their chips.
In our game (and I assume many/most home games) there aren't a lot of extended breaks.

We generally just let it slide unless somebody was taking advantage of the situation
That sounds fine for tournament.
It’s really not the thing to do for a cash game.

There’s a lot of missing information in your post. “Playing poker” is pretty generic.
That's a good point.

Tournament post their blind, deal them in, fold them.
Cash, just skip them and they post blind when they come back, but really only happens rarely, usually just wait for them.
Unless you ask to be dealt out, you will be blinded in because most people are trying to rush back to the table to play a hand anyway.
Tournament: take chips
Cash: Buy some "missed blind" chips. Place the chip in their seat when they miss their first blind. They can then either post on their return or wait for the BB to return to them and re-enter without penalty. (Added bonus: Missed blind chips) :cool
Yell for them the first time it happens and wait, then blind them out of their stack when it happens again. We play social stakes, not gonna miss it.

Caveat: If its my wife's stack, I'm the one who bought her in and I pay her blind out of my stack because she's probably keeping our annoying dog occupied and that's worth 3x the blind any hand.
Tournament: post, deal, fold
Cash: depends but mostly don't worry about it unless it appears to be an intentional attempt to avoid blinds.
One caveat to the tourney blinds... sometimes in tourneys with re-buys, I've seen people not get blinded until after the rebuy session is over.
I used to hand out missed blind lammers and make lobbying players post when they come back. However, over time I realized most people dont take extended breaks like at card rooms.

Now, everyone gets dealt in and have their blinds posted. If any player want to avoid being dealt in (walking the dog, stinking up the toilet, cooling off after a massive suckout, etc), they need to say so. When they come back, they don't need to post.
We play mixed cash games and most people that take a break for food, smoke, bathroom do it during the hold’em round. For a while we would skip the players that were gone but a couple people like playing hold’em and complained that we played less hands of it. So now we post anyone’s blinds that leave the table. Anyone that makes a stink over $2 is not the type of player we would want in our game anyways.
We just pull blinds from your stack. We muck your hand when action gets to you if you're still not back.

If you're gone long enough the blinds come back to you again, we just deal you out and don't blind you anymore. This rarely happens.

I know it's not the "proper" way to do it but frankly it's $1 and just so much easier than tracking missed blinds and making people post up.
As stated tourneys are hard and fast post.

Cash game it really depends on the group and specific player. Try to accommodate the player, its so trivial its not worth stress, unless someone is trying to take advantage.

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