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Jan 25, 2024
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AB, Canada
Hello everyone,

Firstly I would like to thank you all for the contributions made on the playing cards sub forum. I have happily trawled through pages upon pages of content and would now consider myself quite knowledgeable on the choices available.

Alas my knowledge is not enough though, and I was hoping someone could assist me with identifying a product.

I understand some of you know Charly from straighttpokersupplies.

This is the product -


Description -

Dal Negro Texas Holdem Design with Jumbo Font

✔ Poker Size also called Wide Size
✔ 100% PVC Plastic
✔ Lasts 20 - 50 times longer than paper cards
✔ Mark, dent and crimp resistant
✔ Proprietary Formula
✔ Comes with 2 decks in a hard cover cardboard case
✔ Each set includes 52 playing cards 2 Jokers and 1 Information card

I did enquire with Charly about what exact model number this product is, however he wasn't able to share anything further.

So my question is, what is this model/type? Is there a name associated with this back design? And has anyone had experience with this setup?

I believe they had the same description as the Dal Negro monkey backs, perhaps they are the same exact card, just a different back?

Appreciate any input, thank you again.

So I got this setup as individual decks from Amazon a while back:


There's no part numbers on the package, but they have different bar code numbers, as expected:


I really like to have a backup setup of the cards I have, and I could not find any U.S. vendors, and Italian vendors on eBay were charging an arm and a leg. So a member on PCF in Toronto picked up a setup from Straight Poker Supplies and shipped it to me. Here's what it says on the back of the setup box:


So no clues about a specific product/part number.

The original Amazon listing (now defunct) for the red deck had a number "21019" (which matches part of the bar code) but that didn't really help me locate more of these cards. I've seen them referred to as the "Compass" design. I'm assuming they are similar to the monkey back design or some of the other designs, just different backs but the same stock.
Thank you for the input, great knowledge!

So it looks to be a Dal Negro Texas Poker, known as 'compass design'.

One user was trying to find a setup with the same compass back design here -’em-compass-rose-design-deck-in-red.86500/

Also found The Redneck Poker Card Database 2.0

It seems to list the Dal Negro Texas Poker cards alongside the NTP cards.

@theoffalo what is your own personal experience with the Texas Poker cards?

I wonder what would be the difference between the Texas Poker and NTP? I know NTP costs a premium, although I am not sure why as I have never handled then or even seen in stock online before.
One user was trying to find a setup with the same compass back design here -
Yup, that was me! :)

what is your own personal experience with the Texas Poker cards?

I do own both but haven't done a side-by-side comparison. When I get a chance I will. I do remember I really like the way both decks handled. Generally I've really like the Dal Negro decks that I've used.
Ace looks kosher but I have never seen backs like that.
Plus they quite expensive on the wrong side of Atlantic....

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