How to get tracking # from Tina? (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2023
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Chicago, IL
My adventure is almost complete - I had a custom set of Tinas designed and produced. She sent out for delivery today. I'll probably do an unboxing video to show off Matt R's fine work.

My question is - at what point in the process do I get a tracking # and learn the shipping provider (UPS, FedEx, etc)? Does it eventually show up in Alibaba once they enter the States?

Thanks in advance!
I have an account with FedEx and UPS (free to set up BTW), so whenever I get items shipped to me using those companies, I am notified via text message as soon as the shipping paperwork is created. When I received my shipment from Tina, it came via UPS, and I received my text message many days before they actually cleared US customs. That gave me the tracking numbers for the boxes, but they weren't activated until they cleared customs and were in the possession of UPS.

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