How many chips do you keep behind in your poker closet? (1 Viewer)

My tool box cabinet has tipped over when I have more than 2 drawers open. Have to be super careful.

Haha I caught it. No casualties. Few racks spilled.
So you’re telling me I need to anchor my toolbox to the wall………
How much money is color sample sets. Lol
For as many chips as are there, I would say I’ve got a max of about 52 colors there, 40-45 is probably closer to the real number though. So unless all of PCF wants a half sized color sample, I’ll have to go to plan B :LOL: :laugh:
1700 chip Paulson Truman’s House limit set
2300 chip Paulson Truman’s House cash set
3700 chip ASM Truman’s House cash set
2000 chip Paulson Crystal Parks cash set

9700 total. I like big sets and I can’t deny….

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