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Feb 5, 2024
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Hey all,

I'm coming from Brazil to Las Vegas from March 2nd to March 7th. This will be a great opportunity for me to acquire a cash set of around 500/600 chips and save over $200 in shipping to Brazil, where there isn't a chip scene that I'm aware of. We are mostly limited to vendors selling ABS/plastic dice chips (the set I currently have) or ceramics, which I'm not very fond of after having played with them in clubs here.

A long time ago, about 12 years ago, there was a club here that used clay chips for cash games, and I loved it. I'm not sure what kind they were, whether Paulsons or CC. However, I do recall them being very light, with great texture and sound, and very different from the ABS tourney set they had. The club closed in 2014, and I've never touched similar chips since.

After much reading here and researching between sellers, I'm really leaning towards Apache for a Dunes set. I would mostly go with the Pharaohs, but their 5s are out of stock until July, and I don't like the Majestic's colors and edge spots. I could even go with one of their 'cheap' Paulson sets like Majestic Star or Jumers (in this case, I should order CC fracs). As you all say, I should get samples and make a decision. The problem is Apache does not deliver sample sets locally in Vegas, only the full set.

I see Spinettis has the next-gen Dunes, but mostly plastic dice sets (at least listed online). I'm not sure how they would compare with the Dunes CC from Apache that I could try. I'm sure I can try Paulsons in one of the poker rooms. At this point, I can't make a decision on what I'm going to order because I feel I should test them beforehand. How could I try CCs similar to Apache Dunes or similar Paulsons in Vegas before ordering them from Apache?

Any other ideas? My budget would be $0.49 to $1 max per chip.

Thanks a lot!
What did you wind up getting?

Got a .25/.50 Dunes cash set with the dealer button! Really really happy with it.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-05 at 17.30.11.jpeg
Sweet con-go-rats!
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Nice, love those Dune's! Only reason I didn't get them is because I needed a nickel chip otherwise it'd be my house set as well!
That's awesome. Nice set you've got. How is the poker scene in Brazil?

It's great really! Casinos are not allowed in Brazil, but card rooms are (as long as players are playing each other and not against the dealer) and you'll find great ones around. Home game scene is hot too if you are connected.

I've been playing this game since before Alexandre Gomes won the 1st WSOP bracelet for Brazil and now we have 34, it's crazy.

As for chips here in Brazil, ceramics prevail. Not sure where they are produced, but the biggest vendor here is Real Poker (https://realpoker.com.br/fichas-personalizadas) and they even do the design for you if you need. They cost 0.55-0.60 USD each depending on quantity.

And I think this is pretty much it. It makes no sense to reach for Paulsons due to absolutely prohibitive costs or even China clays due to shipping and almost 80% taxes. I had the opportunity to buy from Josh from Apache during a work trip to Las Vegas, so I didn't have to pay for shipping or taxes.

For first-time forum readers like myself, my friends loved the Dunes (china clay) chips. I also brought back 3 barrels of casino chips, all Paulson, and they honestly didn’t see much difference in the chips except for the squarer edges. Don't be afraid to go this route.

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