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Jan 20, 2020
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Kenosha, Wisconsin
How much reflection do I need to do about the degeneracy I’ve fallen into over the last 3 years? I started on this site to find a good way to store and transport my 2000+ Bluff Canyon chips I was incredibly proud of, (until I found the classified section).

Two years after that fateful day, I now have ~16,000 chips in playable sets or earmarked for sets in progress (all cozy in Nanuk cases, because I learned a thing or two that first year)

But my REAL question is about the chips that currently have no playability as they sit in their totes. Each of the totes outlined below holds 4,000 chips, so simple math tells me I’m well over 20,000 chips in my “Poker Closet”.

So, how much of a problem do I have? Do I actually need to repent for my accumulation? Or is this par for the course of PCF degeneracy? How many chips are sitting in your poker closet patiently waiting to be given life as part of a new project?

TIA for your shame or validation!
It sounds like I need to drive up there and ease you of your burden my friend. That’s just the way I roll.

I’ve got about 4k in total. But some are parts of unfinished sets I am still working on completing. I really only became active with the classifieds this past year.

Hope your newest little one is doing well.
Have a Merry Christmas!
I trimmed down from about 10,000 to 7,000 in the past year. Feels better. And I am contemplating reducing these to 4,500 soonish.

I can afford to hoard, up to a point. But it just feels kind of silly and wrong to hold onto chips that won’t get into play.

I think I’ll feel better with one killer cash set, one killer tourney set, and one backup “flex” set that can serve both purposes.
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Bro you have an issue


Whatever doesn’t fit in proper containers and is just being left in totes on the ground needs to go. It’s not how chips should be treated and it’s gross

Anyways. Whatever’s in the greenboxez, I’ll give you my address and get them cleaned up and in proper working order
I think I have in the 25-30K range and all readily available and playable so I do use them. Something like 11 cash sets that I rotate through weekly, not in order just on how I feel and some def get a lot more play than others. 4 Tourney sets and I use like 2 or 3 of them per yr. I have way too many chips but not for collecting purposes, if I can't use them then I don't really want them.
Thought some of y'all were crazy but by my count I'm around 4.1k chips, with 3800 being part of sets and the last 300 being loose randoms. 1300 of those are a limit set, and 600 are old sluggos I still need to get rid of, so I don't feel too bad. I should really axe one of my cash sets because who needs two, but I don't want to ditch the super poker worlds...
Wtf guys!!! 2.5k checking in. But I guess I have some catching up to do.

Does anyone have some yellow 5s they want to get rid of? I’m hoping for used condition and used prices.

I thought I was done, but they keep dragging me back in.
This is a picture from over the summer, missing some TRK boxes at the top and then a few chip cases at the bottom (4 or 5).

It hasn't changed much with what I've sold minus maybe 5 racks from this picture or so.

The Tri-moons on the right hand side have exponentially expanded, well over 1000+ chips.

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What mold?
I’m just looking for a rack to supplement my 2 racks of Lake Elsinore 5 bike tires. As it seems the rest of those are locked up. I’m not too particular on mold. A similar yellow and something that’s already a 5.

I haven’t opened the door to customization. And I’m hoping to keep it that way for now.

One more rack and I’m out. Always one more.
Between Paulson and CPC sets, my collection is just shy of 10,000 chips atm.

If we’re just talking about extras/chips that aren’t part of a playable set, then I’ve got a grand total of 4 racks currently, not counting singles and random shuffle stacks.
My God, some of these sets. @Benjaminotaur find some beatup black clay racks that I can add to my limit set and then close all the boxes back up!

I'm small fry at about 3,000, very happy with my lil' hoard.
@Benjaminotaur nevermind, just sold beatup black clay chips, please dear god don't offer me more.

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