How do you guy manage the bank?

Mr Winberg

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Jan 10, 2019
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However, how would it look if the bank is habitually short?
That would be a completely different scenario. I kinda alluded to it here:
Exception: If the host does a really sloppy job I'd figure that the bank being short is a good lesson learned. I'd still tip a bit more to ease the pain, though.
IME, the bank is most often flat, but occasionally it is either long or short. That is the scenario I'm referring to.

If the host doesn't want the responsibility, a different player can bank. No shame in that. There are plenty of games where one player supplies the venue and a different player banks.
Yes, I agree. I have actually done this when friends host. And still: If someone is kind enough to take on this task in a game which they aren't even hosting, should they then take the hit if the bank is short? My answer is no, but I think I'm in a minority on that one.


Jan 13, 2019
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Somewhere in the south
How lazy are people that they can't stop by an ATM on the way? I get that people deal with Venmo and PayPal these days and don't carry cash, but it sounds quite rude to know the cash-only policy and not bother to get cash. Every once in a while, somebody can forget to stop and I understand that, but consistently not bringing cash is simply rude when they know you require it for chips.
Venmo and Paypal are fine, but anyone who brings cash and cashes out gets minimum back their cash and then a bunch of electronic transfers happen.
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