Home tournament before cash game? (1 Viewer)

Not this dealer's choice cash game.
All depends on the player group.

Tourny is the star event of the night for my crew. Cash game is enjoyed by those who bust earlier. That prevents awkward time where losers just sit around doing nothing or go home when they'd rather socialise and play more poker.
Tell you what, if you quit making general assumptions about tournaments based on your personal game and preferences I’ll quit doing the same.
I didn't, I made a specific observation about the tournament and cash game I play on Monday nights. Nothing general about it at all. I was responding to the condition that was specified in the post I replied to and my personal experience with it.
Ummm most cash games function just like this. Especially in casinos. Maybe there’s less preflop, but on the later streets it’s the same if not worse in cash.

Gotta respectfully disagree on this one. IME, cash games are absolutely nothing like tournaments, especially when you get deep into a tournament.
IME, cash games are absolutely like tournaments, especially when you get deep into the night and people are tipsy(drunk) and behind and desperately trying to salvage a loss and start playing wide open and shoving after every flop

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