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Had one PCFer here last time… But there just aren’t many of us in the Hudson Valley. Road trips encouraged if you play 2/5!
Shoot me a PM tomorrow. We can figure something out. I’ve been hosting tournaments once a month and have filled my table each time. most guys prefer cash over the tourney maybe we can set up a game sooner than later
The player who refused this passed on a free $175, basically. Bet he could have negotiated it up a couple percentage points too.

Tsk tsk, leaving money on the table.
Unless both players trust each other or the host acts as an escrow, this sounds like an easy way to be scammed/freerolled imo
There’s plenty of action in my game. We had a ~$4,000 four-way all-in pot not so long ago. No nits in the entire crew of regs.

If anything, I think the swings of an action-y 2/5 game are what scare off some of the players who used to come to my tourneys (and sometimes play 1/2 cash after).

Anyway, I have recruited two new players since this was originally posted, and have another two coming back to the game in the Spring. So my hosting issues may be resolving.
Sorry, I wasn't really intending my post to be taken seriously. I just found the one word reply to be humorous, while also potentially accurate.
My attendance woes seem to be abating. The most recent game filled up almost immediately to my preferred 8 players plus a dealer.

One guy canceled, so I found a replacement. Then the first guy uncanceled. Then a 10th reg showed up late without having reserved. Another reg who usually comes late arrived on time. Too many players is a nice problem to have.

I managed to squeeze in 9 plus the dealer, much as I prefer 8max play… Once it filled up, I sat out until someone finally busted and left. Had the most money on the table ever. My dealer also made about twice his normal tips. Every scrap of food got gobbled up; usually there are some leftovers.

Only bummer was that the player who was already running like god then also won the high hand, which had rolled over multiple games up to 185 BB. Everyone groaned—no sharing of the wealth tonight—and he cashed out up ~3.5 max buyins.

I haven’t added any new incentives, beyond the pre-existing high hand jackpot. I did get some very nice new chairs for the room, which seemed appreciated. Thinking about buying a hot dog roller since pizza is getting a bit repetitive…

Will see if I can keep this short-term run of good attendance going into the warmer months. It used to seem like people played more in winter than summer, since there are fewer outdoor activities in cold weather, but the trend is backwards for me this year.
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I’m wondering if any cash game hosts have added some sort of incentive system to encourage players to show up as often as possible.

I know of lots of ways to incentivize tournament attendance, but not so many for cash.

When I used to host a two-table tournament, I structured things to encourage strong attendance.

Among these was a “special” tournament every six months, which had a significant amount of overlay in the pool, built up from small amounts reserved from buy-ins from the previous six months of game. In order to qualify for the special tournament, you had to have played in 60% of all the previous ones. So in effect, those who did not show regularly or subsidizing everyone else.

For cash games, I do have a high hand jackpot, which can build to a fairly substantial amount, since you have to have quads are better (using two cards) to qualify. This gives cash players an added reason to show up, so as not to miss out on the possibility of that windfall. But I don’t feel like it is all that much of a draw for most of my players, TBH.

I was thinking maybe of replacing the high hand with a 2x per year freeroll cash game, where players with strong attendance would get an 80BB “free” starting stack. (They could top off to more, and rebuy like a normal cash game.)

So: Wondering what people think of that idea and also what other potential incentives might be brought to bear to encourage more regular attendance.
High hand pots and bad beat pots both work well.

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