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Dec 21, 2016
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Lexington, KY
Ok, I know that all of us set up our games when he host to suit what we like best.

But what are things you see when you play other home games that just drive you nuts.

Whether it’s the set up or chips or players.

We all have one or two things that just bother us more than they probably should.
In my game, I always sit in the dealer spot, and manage pots. If it’s a tourney, I’m seat one, and everyone else draws for seats.

I generally sit at the end of the table so I can handle rebuys, reload snacks and such. Virtually all my players know what to do,
it's just sometimes hard to get 1 or 2 of them to do it
I generally sit at the end of the table so I can handle rebuys, reload snacks and such. Virtually all my players know what to do,
it's just sometimes hard to get 1 or 2 of them to do it
Same. I also try to sit at ends and corners of racetrack table as it’s the most difficult position to deal and most of our players aren’t accurate pitchers in the slightest
Bad drunktards
It’s a social game, we play for recreation and good times. WTBS, When multiple people are engaged in their own conversation and need to have the action leading up to them explained time after time (this very thing happened at my last game) it’s very frustrating
I remember a game one time. It was a .25/.50 game. This guy who'd I'd never seen before, but apparently "used to play" was playing strangely. After a short while it became clear that he was an idiot and he didn't know how to play holdem. Dipshit is on his 4th buyin when he starts asking to "up the ante." He had to borrow a 5th buyin and again asked to up the ante. Of course we all ignored him - the stakes are never raised in this game. Well, don't you know it, numbnuts catches a boat and quads in one orbit. Now he's sitting on a pile of chips and he starts talking trash. And it was a literal pile. He thought it was funny or badass or whatever to just keep his chips in a big pile in front of him. its one of the only times I've left a home game early. I was ahead and of course I should have stuck around to separate this fool from his chips, but I just couldn't stand it.
The one guy who always seems to be taking calls/texts from his wife/girlfriend during play.
The guys that never pay attention.

In hold 'em there is a lot of time to converse, get a drink, go to the bathroom. Don't do it when it's your turn to deal or action is on you. It's common courtesy and basic politeness, basic card etiquette.

Shouldn't have to tell people it is their turn or what has happened.
People who deal the flop, deal the turn to one side of the flop, then deal the river to the other side of the flop.

People who constantly ask everyone what they bought in for and then announce what each person has in their stack roughly.
More common than you think sadly.
Man that would tilt me so hard.

I will say that I have a great group of guys that I play with, but a couple of them talk for a long time when it's on their action and they slow the game down. Minor annoyance as we're just there to have fun, but it does annoy me to a degree, especially if I'm still in the hand.
Yepp, I’ve had a guy doing that from time to time. Combined with the good ol’ pre-burn before turn and river...
I don't mind this as much as other things, but it does take a bit of suspense out of the game. I think it's lazy on the dealer's part but not as tilting as putting the turn on one side of the flop and the river on the other :banghead:

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