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May 19, 2015
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Hey everyone. I just joined. I used to frequent chiptalk and stopped and then decided check it out again today and read about this site. If anyone knows of some games in the central florida area please let me know. thanks.
Welcome sir. Orlando was my stomping grounds for a long time. I went to UCF back in the day. Had a condo on lake Eola. Worked in the UCF Research Park. Now I'm over in Melbourne.
There is a raked game downtown that I know of but I can't really recommend since they took a ridiculous %.
There is at least one member here that hosts a good fun home game. I will let him chime in if he is looking for players.....
And if you just have to have a fix, there is always free poker. I used to play Orlando Hold'em all the time. The structure was the best of all the local leagues (ie not turbos) but the quality of play was really bad. They do pay out real money though, $80 or $160 / game.
Wish I could be more help.

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