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Mar 26, 2023
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Colorado Springs
I'm new to this site and relatively new to Colorado. My wife and I retired out here in 2021 and personal reasons kept me from playing much poker up to now aside from a weekly online home game. I was active in a home league in Oklahoma and also played a lot of cash games at Casinos in the Tulsa area. I'm in search of home games here in Colorado Springs up to as far as Denver and any place in between. Please let me know if anyone knows of a game with any openings. Thanks!
Greetings! Shouldn’t be too hard to find a game close to there, quite a few PCF members around.
Welcome to the community!!! There are lots of members that seem to be from that area. Maybe @inapinch might know some peeps or games around those parts.
Welcome from one Coloradan to another! We have a lot of chippers in our state. Unfortunately, I’m way up north in Fort Lupton, so I can’t help with the home game search farther south.
Hello and welcome from someone who lived in Colorado for the majority of his life and in the Springs for nearly 30 years. Once I decided to retire though I wanted a quieter life with much more snow so we packed up and moved to South Dakota (which is as far North as my wife would go -- I wanted Minot North Dakota or better yet, Thule Greenland). Anyway, I am certain you'll find some great games there in the Springs or the neighboring cities.

So, again, welcome!

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