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Dec 5, 2013
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Deutschland, Köln.
hi all!
I did not know where to place more ..
I see this one? or someone else ???
was previously seen advertising chips on eBay ..
for 7 days, in my comp constantly pops it ..
Briefs for gays??? ... SHIT !!!(who can buy it ??) .. fire-wallet and female bag ...
I have a virus ???
I'm pretty sure some of those ads are based on recent browsing history. In the past I've visited numerous sites only to find banner ads of the same sites here at PCF shortly thereafter. Most of them (the ones I notice, that is) appear to be eBay related.
Always looking for some decent grape smugglers.
Yeah i have noticed some questionable ads up there too. You might have some walware inadvertantly installed on your computer.
they say the best advertisers know us better than we know ourselves. evidently these folks can afford the very best.
I myself have noticed that these elegant underpants just hypnotize me ...

- - - - - - - - - Updated - - - - - - - - -

By the way, then someone did not know how to surprise his wife on Valentine's Day ... :p
Some thoughts:
1) Clean out the cache for whatever browser you are using.

2) Clear out the cookies for whatever browser you are using.

3) Scan your machine (Microsoft Windows machines).

Online virus scanners are the easiest place to start: (click on Kapersky Security Scan, download it, and run it).

4) If you don't have a anti-virus and malware checker (, you should install them and run them periodically. I'm not a fan of McAfee and Norton products.
I occasionally click on the ads, just so Tommy can get whatever bonus he gets for click-throughs. I guess it reinforced the ad algorithm, because I have never seen anything up there other than poker chips on eBay.

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