Have You Ever Lost Money Gambling In A Casino? (1 Viewer)


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May 22, 2013
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I know some friends who have blown money gambling out in Vegas. It's kind of sad to be honest. But I guess the temptations were too strong.
That sucks. I also lost some money playing blackjack. The casinos are crazy as hell. I think guys have to exercise better judgement in the casinos.
I think everybody that goes to a casino has lost money there at some point. I lose money on blackjack/slots most of the time, I stay pretty even if I'm playing hold'em though. But everybody has those down days. I've seen people lose their entire bankroll, rebuy, and lose it again though. I think one of the best talents you can learn about gambling at all, is knowing when to quit.
I lost a fair amount of money on PartyPokers Blackjack.

I tilted very badly and burned my whole Bankroll in a few hours.
Nothing I wasn't prepared to lose going through the doors. Played in the DR one time at a resort casino . . . was beating the Blackjack table like a drum for a few hours. Of a sudden they decide that Blackjack is over for the night.
FIRST time ever playing in a casino myself and two bud got into a $25 buy-in tournament -- we thought, "That's pretty simple, what's the worst that could happen?" None of us knew what a "rebuy" was nor did we notice it in the advertisement. After my 3rd rebuy I was very frustrated and the dealer said at one point that the typical player who wins has many, many rebuys. Have never played in a casino again, nor do I ever do rebuys in my own home games.
Geez hasn't pretty much every adult who has stepped foot in a casino lost money? OP you make it sound like a really bad thing but it's just part of the game really. Sure it's no fun to lose but it's gonna happen. You can't win all the time. You may not even win most of the time. But if you play games where the house doesn't have that much of an edge than you just might have a chance "in the long run".
Too much. I'm not really fond of them at all, because all the odds are incredibly stacked against you. But now and again a friend will want to go, and I'll try to only shell out at most $20-$100 at a time, depending on what I'm playing.
I lost some money in a real life casino when I was younger and had some money left to gamble with it. It was no big deal back then, I had some fun with friends and if we haven't gambled we would have been using it for much less useful things.

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