What to do when I seem to be the only one interested in a high quality chip set? (2 Viewers)

Any passion is infective. Do what makes you happy, and the others will begin to appreciate what you’re doing. They may never care as much, and they may still think you’re crazy (especially if you divulge the cost) but they’ll appreciate things over time. They’ll get used to the new chips and the familiarity with the 11.5g casino weight chips will fade into the distance
If you’re looking for heavy, Bourgogne and Grassett chips are the heaviest I’ve handled.
I know you’ve made a decision, but one other option I do not believe has been explored…

And cry often.

Until you buy what you actually want!
Been playing with the same group of people for 25 years. Virtually nobody appreciates my plastic cards and clay chips. Oh well. It's a huge part of my life, something that I'm passionate about that enhances my life and keeps my poker fires burning. Good enough for me. My friends are cock weasels but i love every one of em'. Except for Toby...Toby can be an azzhole. I said what I said.
I’ve noticed that my newer players seem to not care or they just don’t know any better. They probably think that every game has a nice table and chips because they’ve never played anywhere else besides kitchen tables.

The players that have been around and seen some games usually LOVE the nice set up. The table is usually the main compliment. It’s especially nice if you are the one who built it.

Experienced players like the nicer denominated chips for sure. They don’t know how good of chips they are but know they are special. They will sometimes ask where I got them and I go into a long story about PCF, Paulsons, casinos closing, the chip room, CPC, Tina….
By that point nobody cares anymore annd stops listening and I just stop talking.
As a group there is a funny process where players will talk down chips out of
-shock at the price they wouldn't pay
-shock at the price they don't think you could afford
- and not wanting to impose.

If your players told you yes but the fancy chips they be greenlighting a big purpose they'd benefit from by playing in future games.....to some this imposed to much on the host so they will not commit to such action.

Buy what you like. Dont rush with expansive chips or you'll end up with several sets..... My big sell is that nice chips stack and dont fall over, this is huge for newbies once they notice that difference. A small stack makes it difficult to notice stackable size.
Agree with everyone that the focus should be to do what you want; but I also understand to get use out of chips, it requires playing with them and having others use them. So one idea is to focus on a good design that people will like.

Like I know the people I play with aren't chip people (totally fine). So to keep it interesting, my chips feature activities my friends and I do together. My chips have familiar locations, scenarios, an inside joke, etc. That way I get to share the fun, even if no one cares about my choice between edge-aligned or not :)

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