G-man is making a comeback (2 Viewers)


4 of a Kind
Mar 12, 2021
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Singapore - Reshipper @ Portland
First of all, I gonna admit I am a fan of Garrett and I think his return is going to be good for livestream.

HCL had been on a downswing for a while & I didn't watch much of the stream anymore.

Bally Live Poker have issue with the graphic typo / delay and stack sizing at time which kinda downgrade the entertainment value a bit.

Live at the lodge is too average, not bad and also no good point to talk about.

Interesting to have the stance that he does about the likelihood of him getting cheated, not knowing how or if the issue is fixed -- and still want to play.

Does he think his edge is so big he can win even if he's getting cheated? Or has he came out and said why he's confident he won't get cheated again? It would make sense to me that one of these things has to be true.
He probably found he couldn’t make near enough of a living outside of playing in shady poker games where he doesn’t have to pay off his bets when he loses. :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
Show me on this doll where G-man hurt you.

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