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Mar 12, 2021
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Singapore - Reshipper @ Portland
Some backstory.

I used to be a really active online MTT & S&G player around 20 years ago.

Ever since I start working and dating, I slowly left the MTT scene and only play mostly Cash Game (both live and online) after that.

After the birth of my first born, I have lesser free time to play Cash. So naturally, I went back to Online Micro Stake and also MTT as well around Dec 2023 to cure my poker addiction.

Also just in time for the New Year Freeroll event, and with luck I managed to get a nice result from the event.

Basically, it represents a free bankroll for my account, which even since then i been using it to finance my online Cash and MTT.


I got quite a couple FT result after that but a lot of my best result are around top 50-200 of the field (which) prob indicate another weakness in my plays.

Been studying as I wanted to take down my first win after my return.

I came close on Friday, finishing 9th at the end after my set of 88 run into set of King and unable to recover from it since.

After that, I got a few deep runs in a row on Sat but still failed to make it to the FT.



I am feeling confidence ready to take on the MTT on Sun and Fuck, what do i KNOW. I crash out without cashing for 3 tourneys in a row all with 2nd buyin.

Maybe I have used up all my flipping luck for the past 2 days? And Still there is one final Tourney left that I always played every weekend.

The Bounty Hunter Sunday BigOne $1.11 which is also the biggest field that I played.

All went normally, progress fine, a bit cold deck and I am down to my 1.8 blind (0.8b behind after paying the BB) at Big Blind just after the bubbles burst.

We look down and fuck We got 82o, it fold all the way to BU who raise putting me All IN, we are basically priced to Call and all we can do is pray to Poker God to Pick US PICK US

BU have Q7s which is good news for us as both our cards and colour is live.

Blink, Flop come 22x and We survive.

And Next hand we find 2 All in before me and we are holding KK at SB, we got a quick tripled up after that when our Kings holded against 88 & AJs. The run continue all the Way and we are at one point placed first for a short period when 81 is left in the field.


After another hour plus, we make it to the FT, 4th in chips and we are feeling good.


And we almost blink it as well, losing an important All at the HU when 10s couldn't hold against KJo. And we am more or less left with 8 BB after that hand.

After 7 hour+ of tourney, we ended up finishing 2nd out of 5500+ field, still a very healthy return of an investment of $1+


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