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Aug 2, 2018
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Lucked out on an amazing BCC set that @brains613 listed for sale last week. Have 3 sample complete sets out of the lot and wanted to do a giveaway for one of them.

(Copying a bit of @MilouPilou1 giveaway format)

Eligibility and details:

1. I’ll cover shipping globally to the winner (no pass ons)

2. To enter please be a member for at least 1 year or 400+ posts and post a picture of your favorite chip (single) you own, BCC chips encouraged but not required.

3. Open until Thursday @ noon, winner will be selected Friday by some randomized format tbd

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Around 25 years ago I bought up some Mirage Springs chips on eBay, and this 43mm $100 was my favorite.

Back then everyone had Bicycle chips or the fairly new Dice chips. Breaking out these real casino chips was always fun when it was my turn to host.

I accumulated about 800 chips and had a set of 500 in a case and the others in racks or just loose in a cardboard box. Getting back into playing home games at the start of this year, after about a 12 year hiatus, made me break out the old chips. When I looked up current chip prices I decided I better protect them better so I bought a Versa 1000 chip case.

Having room to fill in (Because OCD can't accept this) I hit the web searching for chips in quantity which led me right here to PCF. They say timing is everything in life but you gotta have luck and believe in fate because @liftapint was on her last call bump with a rack of $1's which I was able to frantically gain access to communicate and purchase. I filled in $.50's through @Okku and @Spinettis Gaming and bought some random $1's, $25's & $100's.

I have 1,132 chips now (each row holds 117 chips). Anyway...thats why the $100 chip is my favorite.
Awesome giveaway!

Favorite chip is a relabel I did for member chips for our group. Each guy in our group has just one indicating they are a ‘Member’ on one side, and personalized with their name on the other. It’s not fancy, but it ties us all together. I present them in airtites to each new member that joins us.


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