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Jan 21, 2024
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Southern California
Just wondering if anyone does anything unique for their home game.

Many years back we did a long weekend at my friend's place in Playa la Costilla (about an hour south of San Felipe in Baja). No TV, no phones, no computers, just seven of us hanging out at his place on the Sea of Cortez. We BBQ'd most of our meals and basically had a four day long dealer's choice game in between beach golf, riding ORVs, beach football and whatever else. At night we shot off a ridiculous amount of fireworks. Over the four days we did a different tournament each day (Lo-ball, Stud, Omaha, Hold'em) and points accrued based on finishes in each. The overall winner was crowned King of Baja. Such a great time!

We did it again a year or so later at his new place in San Felipe but it just didn't have the same magic. Too close to town, everybody just wanted to go to the bars and drink, less about hanging out and playing poker. The previous spot was more isolated, so less distractions. We just started kicking around the idea of doing it again, so I hope it materializes.

Baja Invitational Video
We do this 2-3 times a year at my log cabin in Western New York. Been doing it with the same group of friends for 30+ years. Pretty much shoot all day (rifle, trap, handgun), BBQ dinner, and play cards all night. "All night" doesn't quite mean what it did 30 years ago, however. :rolleyes:

Now we have our kids playing with us, and my 13 year old nephew kicked our collective asses last time up at Stud/8. Never seen somebody get cards like that.

The best part is all we play for is the winner's breakfast the next day up at the local diner. You'd think we were playing for 50 grand. lol.

It's great.
Many times a year.

I'm sitting at the airport on my way to my favorite home game. This month it's in Florida, on a quiet beach island.

In March, I'll be going to the land of potatoes and jack shacks in Boise ID.

May, I'll jet across the Atlantic to play with friends new and old, in Sweden.

A summer break, and then it's Philly and Dallas in September, Arizona in October, and Ohio in November.

Each game location has unique positives but the most important to me is the people. I've met a lot of great people over the years at PCF meetups. It's my favorite home game I've been to.
Monday Funday! @turbospl311 happy birthday game. Hold ‘em/ PLO hi rotation bounty tournament!
Still not there evidently. I thought going over 100 posts might do it, but I still can't see the link.
There's a post requirement but also a length of time requirement. Check back on your 90 day anniversary (I believe April 20th).

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