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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
I have accumulated a wide assortment of chips that "called my name" but aren't very likey to make it on the felt. It takes six months just to get all the of vintage sets on the table once, so under loved ones are sent to the orphnage (but aren't avaiable for adoption in most cases!) I plan to post images of one member of the orphange each week. Each one gets its own thread in the PrOn section.

These run a wide range:
* home game chips from Paulson and TRK
* unfinished casino sets, some bordering on impossible to complete others I still have hopes to finish
* antiquities
* a lot of foreign chips, some are playable sets but they are so tacky I wouldn't ever try to use them
* card protectors, slot tokens even a rack of depresion era tokens
* roulettes
* no doubt, more I haven't thought about

Many come in, few go out -=- DrStrange
The foreign chips look nice in general. Some seem like you pressed Jolly Rancher candies into poker chips. But they are feather light and slippery. Stacking them borders on impossible.

Most of my foriegn chips are so cheap feeling that I wonder if they are fakes or fanasy chips.

I'll do a set from Dragonara Palace next week. This week we have a mystery box.


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