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Feb 6, 2020
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Hi guys!

I have been a member of my friends poker club on ClubGG for a little bit now, however, I haven’t made a post in this fourm about it because I didn’t want to seem like I was shilling for it. But recently I’ve seen a few memebers of PCF join so I figured I would make a post about it.

My buddies and I have a ClubGG club that gets .25/.50 NLH, .5/1 NLH, or both running every night. Anyone from PCF is welcome to join and play. Just PM me for more details on how to join. We run a weekly freeroll tournament, a $15 buyin tournamnt on every Friday, and also do weekly bonuses for our players.
I have not played on ClubGG, does it work like PPPoker PokerBros type of site?

Just gonna bump this up again. We’ve got a few PCF players playing here right now! Would like to get a few more! Let me know if your interested

Pm me, I can't start private messages yet.
I cant Pm you either. But if anyone else is interested we have been getting occasional PLO action and have been getting some more 1/2 games going as well. Good fun place to play if you'd like to join just shoot me a PM!
Go ahead and give this a new years bumparoo! Club is still active and growing! Has a few guys from PCF I know @shorticus is active in there so he can vouch and a few other PCFers play. They get consistent .25/.50+ games going daily for both PLO and NLH. If we get interest I’m sure we can get some others going as well. PM me if interested and I can get you set up! Look forward to seeing you on the felt!
DO NOT PLAY here. DM me for more info if you’re thinking about joining….
Why DM you? If there is an issue put it out for all to see. I haven’t joined yet but would love to know what’s going on before I do. I’m sure most people would. Tell us. What happened?
I’ll say what it was. At the time there was a no hit and run rule. You had to wait on a timer to leave the table if you were up. I think it was like 30 minutes, but not exactly sure as it has been a while since the issue. In any case the group running the game paid him all his chips and after repeated requests from players he is no longer welcome to play. Thats the long and short of it.
lol way off. There was a cheating and card sharing ring in this group. That’s the long and short of it.
lol way off. There was a cheating and card sharing ring in this group. That’s the long and short of it.
Not gonna argue here. If anyone actually is interested pm me and if you have questions then ask. Nothing to hide, but I am not gonna argue this here for no reason.
I feel that could always be an issue with online play. I will always love real cards and chips. Good to know what to look out for though. Thank you both for sharing
no problem sir, I have nothing to gain by outting these guys or not. These guys have all to gain from taking rake on a game that is also rigged.

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