Custom Wooden Poker Chip Storage Cabinet and Trays


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Jun 3, 2020
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I am a custom furniture builder out of Denver, CO and I was recently commissioned to design and build a poker chip storage solution for @TX_Golf_N_Poker. Design considerations, build photos and such can be found in the build thread here:–-design-build-thread.57022/

I have just about completed this cabinet and now wanted to offer up my services to the community here.

Here are a few pics of the completed cabinet. More can be found in the build thread linked above.


Cabinet Overview:

- Overall Dimensions of cabinet: 21x21x27 inches
- 4 fully removable slide out wooden trays designed to fit 1000-chip dealer insert from Spinetti Gaming - (other insert options in the works)
- Heirloom quality, solid wood construction, built with furniture-grade joinery and finishes. Client can specify primary and secondary wood choices for case, as well as trays.
- Lockable upper compartment. Dimensions: 18.5x18.75x5.75 inches
- Lockable front door with glass insert. Door swings up and then slides into the case out of the way.
- Upgrade options available, such as interior LED lighting, hidden compartment, custom wooden inserts for top compartment, etc.

Base price of the cabinet and 4 wooden trays, built with standard domestic hardwoods (oak, ash, maple, alder) will be $1000.
Premium woods (walnut, cherry, mahogany, figured woods, etc.) are available with price dependent on species chosen.

Please note that I am custom furniture builder, which means that I build to fit your needs. This design is fairly easily modified so if you would like to see changes made just ask. Top compartment depth can be adjusted, or compartment can be removed entirely. A standard drawer could be added instead of the compartment. Or that drawer could be on the bottom instead of the top. Want more trays? Or less trays? Easy enough. Want the case to be free-standing? I can build a nice stand for it as well. Options are limitless. Just PM me and we can discuss your needs.

I'm also going to make the trays available by themselves. Those will start at $75 (again wood choice will play a role here) with discounts for ordering multiples. If just ordered trays, I will not machine the groove along the sides, unless so desired.

Shipping is not included in any of these prices, though I will deliver in the Denver metro area and we can work something out if you're within a few hundred miles of Denver. I also travel to Texas fairly regularly, so we may be able to work something out there as well. Crating and shipping are options too, at buyer expense (I've got a few leads on some more reasonable shipping options for bulky and somewhat heavy items like this). The trays alone should be simple enough to ship via standard means.

**Introductory Offer**

I really want to get a few of these out there and show off my craftsmanship so I'm looking to make an initial run of these (probably 3-5 depending on interest) built to standard specs (as shown) and will offer these up for $800 apiece. If you order one before I start building you can select your woods, otherwise I'll build with what I have an excess of in stock (likely oak for primary and various secondary woods for top/sides). If I can get more than 3 orders in the next few weeks, I can drop that price even further. I've got a trip planned for the end of July so lead time on this initial batch is probably about 8 weeks. Normal lead time will be 4-6 weeks depending on my load.

Let me know what you think, any questions you have, and anything else you might like to see made.



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Feb 18, 2020
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I posted these in my mail Pron post, got good reactions and wanted to also post here. I personally love darker wood colors, everything turned out great- my phone camera isn’t the best resolution and don’t give the actual product it’s just due. Thanks again Alec for this great piece of art!
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