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Mar 10, 2019
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North East
Hi guys,

I have designed a few custom cloths in the past using Adobe Illustrator. Typically, most were simple designs ie: ice rink, so no border was required, and the other was a Mirage theme, but with Black border surrounding the centered oval shape for betting.
Sometime, I would like to make a new cloth using suits with palms in some of the blocks for the outer edges of the cloth, similar to one's I saw in the custom toppers on PCF. I have made a swatch of suits, with palms in some of the blocks to replace a few of the suits. Not an issue, but when I insert the swatch on the background, I get these thin black lines that show on top of some of the suits.
I've tried everything to get rid of these lines, but so far no luck.
Has anyone run into this same issue before? If so how did you get rid of the lines?

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