Custom 3D Printed Insert for the Apache 3800. Space for 600-700 chips. (2 Viewers)


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Jul 29, 2023
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Hey everyone! This is my first post ever on PCF! Let me know what you guys think about my set/what I could've done better. I've been playing poker for a while but never really had a personal set until now. After searching around for a while, I ended up going with the Majestic poker chips since they fit my budget and I felt like they would be a good set since I'm just starting out. (This is a cash set, and it'll usually be $10-$20 buy-ins since we are in college, so my goal is to have 200 25¢, 225 $1, 125 $5, 74 $25, 50 $50, and 25 $100.) Thinking about adding 5¢ chips? Let me know if you guys think that would be a good idea or if there are some better denominations I should be getting for those kinds of cash games. Having selected my chips, I felt like I needed somewhere to store them, so I looked around on here and saw a lot of people recommend the Apache 3800 for a 600–800 chip set, which is what I intend on having once APC has more stock (Hopefully this week :D). After I got my Apache 3800, I started looking for foam inserts that would fit the case and hold my chips firmly, since I'd heard that the pluck foam it came with just fell apart over time, and also because I needed something sturdy since I'll be having to take this on trips out of the country, where my family that lives aboard also enjoys playing Poker. Unfortunately, I found nothing like what I was searching for, so I thought I'd start up my 3D printer that I hadn't used in years and design something completely custom for the case. Here's what I came up with: (it stores up to 4 decks, which are stored in plastic boxes with a lid, one dealer puck, 3 gold poker chip coins from Amazon, and 6 poker chip trays, with space for another tray with a lid on the bottom lying on its side.) Below, I'll attach links to everything I bought as well as pictures of everything. Keep in mind that I'm still in the process of buying chips and printing the design, so this isn't completely finished. The idea is for the card storage to be about 9 cm taller so a total of 4 decks can fit without moving all over the place, same thing with the dealer button and coins. Let me know if you guys would be interested in me releasing the files so you guys can make it at home! (or if you guys would be interested in me selling them?) I'll be posting again in the coming days with a fully finished and printed design. Props to Adam Savage for giving me the idea after watching the following video:

Apache 3800
Chip Trays
Playing Card Box
Dealer Button
Card Shoe
Gold Chip Coins
Playing Cards in The Pictures




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Very cool to see custom fit stuff come out. The things I've printed for storage and organization are just as fun as the chips and gear itself.
This is a pretty cool idea for the Apache cases! Thanks for sharing! Also, if you Plasti Dip your foam it will last a long time and hold up very well.
Very nicely done! Great way to keep them secure in an oversized case.

They are held down enough by the top foam to not get bumped off the cutouts eh?
Very nicely done! Great way to keep them secure in an oversized case.

They are held down enough by the top foam to not get bumped off the cutouts eh?
Yeah! I made the bottom about 2 cm tall and left the bottom most layer of foam that came with the case, which ends up leaving half of the top tray chips sticking out, so when the lid is closed they get compressed by the top foam which holds them surprisingly well!

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