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Nov 16, 2014
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Hey all. Been away a while, and in that time I picked up some freelance work that involves writing strategy articles for cribbage.

I grew up in a cribbage-playing family, and I've loved the game since I was a little kid, but this is my first foray into any kind of strategy writing for the game. Enjoy, and feel free to fling any criticisms directly at my face (but mind the eyes, please).

Mods, feel free to chastise me and exile me to some off-topic forum if you see fit. I know this isn't poker strategy, but it is card strategy and this forum is kinda my haunt on PCF.
The wifie and I have been playing cribbage with chips when traveling. Each starts with 121 worth of chips and puts them in the middle as we count.
Very cool, never even thought to keep score like that. Only alternative to a board that I've used is pencil and paper.
Thought I'd dig this thread up to share what (I think?) should be the highest possible points to peg that I just got today against my wife's grandmother. Fifteen for TWELVE, along with a fifteen for two. 14 points pegged total!


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