Considering Relocation for a Job (1 Viewer)

I just responded to this and had to delete what I wrote- realised it’s only a year old and you already made your move
Hope it’s going well
Well today’s been a year.

Best summer weather in the country right? RIGHT?!!!
You gotta do it man! Live the dream!
Yeah, I did what @QueenBCC did too. :wtf: Hope it’s been good!
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Have you been outside yet or is Musk not letting you leave until your rockets stop exploding?

(Too soon?)
Can’t tell if joking or not. Starship was a huge success!

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Best summer weather in the country right? RIGHT?!!!
I really have loved the weather actually.

Damn time flies. How’s it going?
The area is great. The job has been a bit of a let down, actually. I’m starting to look around at other options. Would love leads if anyone has some to share!
Sorry to hear that the job has been a letdown ☹️. However, you said that you thought that it was your dream job. You gave it a shot. At least now you won’t live with regret the rest of your life thinking that you should have taken that opportunity.

If it’s time to move on, good luck with the search. You have skills!

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