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Full House
Oct 23, 2021
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In my fortress of fuckin solitude.
Every morning I have breakfast with my wife, and we share our thoughts and feelings about the day before and what’s ahead for the future.

Recently we’ve had to navigate the roads of family death, new beginnings, life stuff in general.

She shared this with me, and it was beautiful, so I felt sharing it with the world was worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy it, and I truly hope it touches you. If you have something similar to share, please do so.



A hard heart only impacts your life if you allow it.

Forgiveness isn’t about them, it’s the baggage you carry; the time one spends on memories.

Amnesia forgives all. Actively choose your thoughts.

Write a book, plant a garden, go for a walk with God.

Spend time with children, read a book, build something as evidence of your existence.

Have a purpose and reduce the time spent on painful memories.

Take charge of your life; be Player One.

Let not the television steal your day.

Today is all we ever have.

Be present. Be patient. Take a moment to respond. Direct the flow. Transmute negative energy into something positive.

See through the illusion.

Who is responsible for what you become tomorrow?
MLK has a lot of great quotes in regards to love and forgiveness. This one is my favorite:
The Greek word for Truth is A-lethia = unforgetfullness.
Hence, the folk song "I forget and I am glad, I remember and get sad"

However sad and hard, we should never forget the Past. It's the only explanation of the Present and the only instrument of probably foresseing the Future.

The Past is solid. The Present is liquid. The Future is gas.

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