Chip(s) with a Good Story... Got Any?


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Dec 14, 2020
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Minnesota, USA
When I was sorting through my $100's I saw this one and it reminded me of a story/good memory. I thought this might be a good thread and of course a good chance to share some pics of nice chips we might have. You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words... so you know the drill: Post a pic or it didn't happen!

I'll go first and then post a picture:
I am a regular in my card room and a lot of people recognize me as I am there a lot. I know a lot of names and always try and make it a point to remember peoples names if I can. A lot of people come and go in a card room. There are locals and then there are the nomadic poker players. I'm sure a lot less people remember the names of the nomadic poker players, but I still try and make it a habit to greet them by name when I see them. One day maybe 15 yrs ago one of these nomadic poker players stops in and sit down in my game. Of course I greet him by name and he makes some comment about me remembering his name and all that. It doesn't take long and we are chatting as if we were old friends (which we kind of are) and somehow the topic of poker chips and collecting poker chips comes up. He mentions to me that a friend of his has a big paper sac of these Paulson $100's from the Tropicana that he used as a card protector. He didn't remember exactly what they looked like, but he assured me that they were real and if I wanted he would get one. Of course I said I would love one. He promised me that the next time he came back he would bring me one. I didn't think too much about it and we went our separate ways. I bet I didn't see that guy for another year or more and then one day he walks up to my table and once again I greet him by name. He proceeds to tell me that he has had one of those black $100 Tropicana chips sitting in his truck for ages now and he will go out and get it. This time he wasn't in my game, but he did go out to his truck and get the chip for me. He brought it back in and flipped it to me and said "there you go my friend."

Lots of good guys in a Card Room...
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