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Aug 14, 2022
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Brighton, UK
With my chips in their new box, my table nearly complete with a Chanman cloth in the post it's time for me to get something for people to sit on.

I'm looking to get 8 chairs but wouldn't mind a line-check on what I think my favoured options are and to tap the knowledge of any UKer who knows what they're doing - because I'm a little bit of a fish out of water.

I'm looking at the budget end of the market but want whatever I get to be comfortable for long sessions and to be sturdy and able to carry some weight when needed. Stackable is also preferred.

The cheapest are the fold-up variety but I think I've got to pass on those as they just seem a bit flimsy for my liking - so I'm on to conference chairs or the cheaper dining chairs.

I've looked at eBay but as well as most being second hand and in various states of repair so a bit hit-n-miss quality wise. They mostly seem to be collection only and using 3rd party delivery companies would come in between ~£60/100 dependant on pickup location. I'm on the south coast in Brighton.

Looking at new these are 2 companies that have found there way into my bookmarks.

and some of the chairs I don't hate from them - wrong colour fabric though - want black or burgundy ideally with no pattern. - maybe for 2 "nice" chairs ... maybe - not sure about this one - seat not as wide or deep as others - pushing my budget but 8 of these could work - these are probably the cheapest and with choice of fabric but cushioning maybe a bit thin? - ditto

(Delivery from either would be ~£70)

That's where I'm up to at the moment...

Does anyone have experience of any of the above types of chair? Thoughts/ideas gratefully received.
Check out GumtreeUK. There’s always loads of chairs on there from offices and community venues.

Search for banquet chairs.
Check out GumtreeUK. There’s always loads of chairs on there from offices and community venues.

Search for banquet chairs.

Thanks for that.

Gumtree is similar to eBay in my mind but without any safeguards or feedback. I did have a search and with one excption the prices were similar, or greater, than the new options available at Regent Chairs/Trent Furniture. Delivery would also be in the region of £100. I could get lucky though and find a bargain if I give it enough time.

While I'm looking at as cheap as possible - as these chairs will only be used for pokering - I want to avoid making a bad mistake for the sake of a few £.

It's the comfort part that is most important. That said I do sit on wooden pub chairs quite happily for long sessions without problems and can also add cushions if needed.

In order of comfort/costs I'm ranking basic options in the order below. What I'm most interested in is anyones experience/opinions on each type along the lines of yeah those are fine/I'd avoid those because etc

The cheapest seem to be the fold-ups which I've already dismissed in my mind as to flimsy and too low of a seat height (compared with "normal" chairs)


Next are these ones with a small amount of padding ... is that enough?


Then are what seem to be the closest to "gassers"


Then more normal type chairs


and finally on to resturant type dining chairs


I'm hoping I can go with either of the 2 conference chair options but might throw in a couple of nicer chairs to use outsdie of pokering.
I looked at those yesterday as they did seem the only folding option that didn't look really flimsy. They cost approx the same as the cheaper conference chairs but do benefit from free delivery on Amazon. 40cm is a bit low but just about workable.

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