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Oct 28, 2014
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East Valley, Arizona
In the immortal words of the warrior, poet, and knight Sir Mixalot: "I like big pots, and I can't deny..."

Tell me the tale of the biggest cash game pot you ever played (home games, casino, underground games).
I can think of two. Is it weird you were in one and guinness in the other lol?

Will find details and post later.
3 different pots each around $2k (I think the 44 hand was slightly over $2k making it the "biggest," while the other 2 were just under. Not positive though...)

Hand 1:

$2/$5 at Horseshoe Tunica: Running hot in live game, bought in for $600 and got down to $350 early, then stacked someone with KK, AA, and QQ in 3 consecutive hands. Sitting at $1200 (they weren't BIG stacks...)

Asian Maniac (AM) is to my direct left, he straddles on the button to $10. Whole table limps, I limp with Q9dd in CO. AM raises to $30, whole table calls, I call to cap action.

Flop is Jd8d3c. Everyone checks, I bet $125, AM raises to $425 with $850 effective. Everyone folds, I jam, AM snaps. 4d hits river and I turn over frush. AM claims set (riiiight...) and leaves table.

Hand 2:

Same session, 1-2 hours later. Villain is new player to table, no reads at all. Bearded late-20's white guy. Pretty nondescript.

Folds to villain in CO who open raises to $20, I call from SB with 44, BB also calls. Flop is 942dd. Checks to villain who bets $45. I raise to $125, BB folds, villain calls. Turn is 7x, villain has about $150 in red chips and what looks like 2 bills underneath. I ask "how many bills do you have? 2?" He says "no, I have about 7" and somehow fans out a bunch of bills like a freaking magic trick or something. I look surprised, think a second, and bet $275. Villain hems and haws and hems and haws and calls. River is Jx. I shove. Villain looks sick, tanks for like 10 minutes, bemoans life, the universe, and everything, and finally calls and instaflips QQ. I've been sitting like a statue for 10 minutes, so it takes a second for me to get my muscles working again - unintentional small slowroll. Sorry master-tanker villain.

Hand 3: I've described this one before - BBOTB PLO8 vs. Guinness, $950 deep. Raise pre, 3-bet, Guinness and 1 other caller I think, I have AsAx3x5s, Guinness has Jd3d4x(5x? must have been...) Flop is Ad2s8x. Pot/repot/all-in, then diamond-diamond to scoop me. Sometimes I think I didn't have to get it all in here, but it would have been in by the river anyway regardless. PLO8 is stupid.

There might have been other pots in that range at meetups in O8/SOHE that were split, but those were the 3 biggest scooped pots for sure.
My biggest was just shy of $5K. I was playing 5/5 PLO in the back of a Mexican restaurant and had run my $500 buy in up to $1800. V1 had about $1600 and V2 maniac had us both covered. I don't remember the exact pre flop action, but there was at least a raise and 2 calls with approximately $200 in the pot. I am on the button with AKs. The flop comes 10Q2 all spades - I flopped the nut flush with a gutshot redraw to the royal. V1 leads out for pot, V2 calls, and I pot for roughly $800. Both V's call. Turn is a blank and both V's check to me and I shove - V1 tanks and folds, V2 calls with two pair - queens & deuces. The river is an effin deuce. I was definitely on tilt after losing that hand and decided it would be best to leave. :eek:
fun thread.

I don't play as big as some of you guys. I mostly play .25/.50, 60-80 buy in. I don't remember the details. I scooped a double board PLO8 hand for about 350. Not bad for a .50 game, lol.

I play at a casino a couple of times a year. When I do I play 1/2, 200 buy in, and I play super TAG. A couple of years ago I have around 200 in front of me. I've been playing real tight for about 5 hours. Won a few small pots, lost a few small ones. No biggie.

I pick up pocket 6's in the BB. Middle position dude bets 12 with 4 callers. It gets to me and I call. I was playing one more orbit. I figure I'll set mine. Flop comes A, 9, 6 rainbow. For some reason with 70 bucks in the pot I check it. Initial better makes it 100. He gets two callers???? Fuck it, if its set over set I go home. I shove for about 180-190. First guy calls for less. Second guy only has 50 behind him. He folds. Next guy calls as well and has me covered.

The turn pairs the ace. First dude rolls over three aces like its the nuts. I wait until the river is played out and roll my boat over. It holds up and I win about a 750-800 pot.

I rack up and go.
Without a doubt the $2k SOHE pot at BBoTB this year, posted in a strat thread a month ago. Stings a bit that it was the biggest pot that I've ever played, because of just how horribly I played it.
Hmmm.......I don't remember my biggest specific hand, but definitely my biggest cash game session. The year was 2007..........

Bluff Magazine was hosting a WSOP party for their readers at Sapphires Gentlemans Club. I was pretty active on their forum at the time and they were inviting their readers to the party. You could meet the pro's, there was an open bar for two hours, etc.

So my wife and I decided to make our first ever trip to Vegas. I'll fast forward through all the club shenanigans, but suffice to say my wife and I are not regular drinkers and it wasn't long before she was very tipsy.

We hop into a cab and she's falling onto my shoulder saying "I love're wonderful....." Get back to the hotel, I hold her hair back while she prays to the porcelain god and then we go to bed.

I sleep for roughly two hours, wake up pheening to play some poker. I check to make sure she's ok, then take a cab to the Bellagio. They have a 40/80 mixed game running featuring:

Omaha hi/lo
Stud hi/lo
2-7 Triple Draw

I've never played Badugi before, but am very versed in the other three games so sit down and buy $2,500 worth of $10 chips and begin to play. I run like god, there isn't a low or full house I can miss, and I'm getting three callers to the river everytime.

Within two hours I have won $2,700 in profit and cash out for $5,200 (in $10 chips)
this isn't my biggest, but for some reason it's one that i remember more clearly than any other, i think because i was running really bad during the entire month and was not surprised in the slightest to lose this hand this way.

playing $5/0 PLO (single blind) at parx six-handed. i have AsKc8s8c on button. CO raises to $20 over two limpers and i 3-bet to $75 to iso CO who is pretty bad. one limper comes along anyway (lol limp-calling $75 in $5/0 game...).

flop ($325): 68Jss

limper bets $150, fish raises to $400, i pot it for pretty much all of my stack. limper snap calls, fish tank calls.

turn ($4990): Ax (no second flush draw)

limper puts in his last $1200. fish moan-calls. i call with my last $40.

river (my main pot = $5110): 5x

fish tables 7s7x9s8x and limper mucks.
Like butler, I don't remember my biggest, but I remember a biggish one clearly.


2/5 NL. $2k max buy. I am sitting on about $2k, session just started. I have 77 on the button. 3 limpers to me, I raise to 50 (standard in this game), 2 callers, including a crazy loose passive player. Both have me covered. One of the biggest gamblers/donors I've ever played with.

~$150 in the pot

flop 378r, checks to me, bet $100. sb calls, crazy guy says something like "if I call will you just run it down? I say no, we're not heads up. He shoves. I snap call. sb folds. He shows 78o.

turn blank. river 8.Bye bye monies. Rebuy. Cash out +200 at end of night.

That one pot was the difference between a winning and a losing year for me. I didn't play that many sessions that year, and that was the only 2/5 game I played all year. Variance is a harsh mistress.
Not the biggest hand, but prolly the scariest 1/2 game evah. Somewhere in the wilds of New Hampshire, underground 1/2 game at Treehouse but $20k on table lol. Straddles, game played like 5/10. Guinness running like god has about $8500 and lol dice plaques. I have As3s in MP, at least three of us see the flop which I recall has a 3. Guinness fires ($200 I think). Villain between us calls. I call with best hand, duh. Turn brings a spade and nut flush draw. Guinness bets creamsicle $500 plaque, V2 calls, I call. River a 3. They both check, I shove for only $270, they both fold lol.

Horseshoe So. IN 1/2 with unlimited Mississippi straddle. I was running good and playing well and had built a stack. New guy comes to table with lots of chips and I stack him 3x in short period. He rebuys with purple and we get it in PF on the very next hand. My KK holds.

Huge pot with berg and butler when I'm first learning Omaha. Board is something like K855A and I backraise all-in on river with A5 because duh, merged my range. Actually I remember thinking, "my whole trip rides on this hand, go big or go home." berg folded same hand as mine, butler folded KK because I'd been overplaying aces for days. He's never folded to me again. $1.2M pot.
$4,300 playing 1-2 live. I have posted a strategy thread about this hand

Hero is racked up and playing his last two hands. Hero gets AA, huge preflop raise leads to lots of callers. One thing leads to another and Hero is up against the king and queen high flush with the ace high flush.

Yes I did leave as planned with all their money.

Woo hoo -=- DrStrange
Huge pot with berg and butler when I'm first learning Omaha. Board is something like K855A and I backraise all-in on river with A5 because duh, merged my range. Actually I remember thinking, "my whole trip rides on this hand, go big or go home." berg folded same hand as mine, butler folded KK because I'd been overplaying aces for days. He's never folded to me again. $1.2M pot.

board was K558A. can't believe i folded to a guy who can't even remember that he flopped trips.
I think I've played 4 hands with ~$4500 pots.

One was at Foxwoods 5/10 where I got it in against solid pro with 64d in a 253ssd board and he had 64ss. I hit running diamonds to scoop.

One hand against Guinness where we got it all in playing $1/1 circus games for ~$2200 a side. I think it was a PLO8 or Big O hand where someone stoved it after and I was 51/49 (thought it was a fist pump shove, he had the exact hand I didn't want to see). I held up with top set.

Another hand against Guinness, same insane underground NH game (same session) that was referenced previously. Didn't get it all in but it was a 4K pot where I had AA, mangled the flop horribly, turned top set that have Guinness the flush draw, and lost to Q4 flush (?!?!).

Actually there was another hand against Guinness at his place where we were playing $1/1 and he had just rebought for a rack of green (not typo). I don't remember the hand - it was SOHE and I flopped nuts/2nd nuts and he had something like 2nd nuts/3rd nuts. We were both lolhammered.

Weird that I guess I have at least 5 $4500 pots that I remember and I can't recall a single $5K pot. I guess that's my Rubicon.
1/2 PLO which I hate, said I didn't want to play on dealer choice, "eh one round how bad can it be", forget the action (half drunk) but I throw pot bet which is about all my chips and makes pot about $900, get one caller so pot is about $1350ish. All I needed to avoid was an 8s 8c 8d, I was dealer and out comes an 8c on the river and lost a monster.

You always remember the bad ones, and mostly the crushing self defeating ones.

I am sure the alcohol had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Not sure how I forgot this one, first time I ever played 1/2 PLO at casino. H|Q was with me, we buy in for lol300, there are at least three stacks at table $4k+. I win a multiway pot hitting nut flush on river and have $1700. Shortly after, another big multiway pot develops. PF raise and several callers. On flop, first villain bets $200, next villain goes all-in (can't remember his stack size). I have top set trup QQ and open ended and say "pot." Dealer says $1500. It takes me 3 motions to push the chips forward. I've no doubt the table knows what I have lol. OMC with big stack goes in the tank for over 5 minutes. I think he has less than $50 invested in the hand but ships it. I call my last $200. He turns a set of nines, no biggie, but 2c hits and he rivers the flush. Bye bye chips. Dealer asks, "are you coming back?" "Fuck no."

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rough hand, courage, but i can honestly hear your voice when you tell the dealer "fuck no" after that hand. lol irl.
I've had a few dozen in the $10-15k range. None bigger than $15k.

Two big pots of note were:

1) A recent 5-10 PLO where I posted the blinds coming back from dinner, three limpers to me and I look down at AKQ5r and check, it checks around to the BB who pots and most of the table calls. Flop came 9hThJx. BB pots, guy on my right calls, I raise expecting BB to fold and to get it in with the third guy. They end up both re-pot shoving and we get it in for 3-5k each and I cover. They both have monsters - BB has KxQhJhTx, 3rd guy has 7h8h9xJx. Both guys have two pair, a straight, and a SFD. Qc hits the turn and a blank on the river, I scoop for around $13k.

Biggest pot ever in terns of BB was just shy of $10k in a 2-5 nlhe game years ago in Biloxi, MS. There was an EP raise to $20, one or two callers, and the button makes it 70. The BTN and I had been playing leveling games and position plays against each other for hours. I have AK in the blinds and make it $270. Folds to BTN who didn't realize I raised and looked impatient. When the dealer tells him I raised he re-raises to $770. I asked for a count on his remaining stack and when he got to over 30 bills I said "that's good enough" and we see a flop. Flop A94ss. I check, he announces $1000. I announce all in before he tossed out his bet. He thinks for maybe 2 seconds and says "I call, do you have a set?" I said "no, I have AK" "that's good" he says. I never saw his cards, he just passed his stack over and left. He had $4800 total and I covered.

Edit to say that the 1-2 PLO in Cincy can be massive and I've been in 4 different $5-6k pots in that game so far this year in maybe 10 or 12 sessions.
I had a hand in a 10-25 NLHE a few years back where I 3-bet to squeeze with something like 6c8s and get two callers. Like 1400 in the pot. Flop comes off something like 4x6s9s, it checks to me and I bet $1k, dude check raises to $4500ish ai and I snap call bc I was 98% certain he had 57ss (he did - lots of time playing with him for the read) we run it twice and chop.

5-10 NLHE game where abosolute maniac (who is very highly skilled if sober/not steaming) is on my left and straddling every orbit and raising every straddle. He has the straddle on in my BB, Folds to SB who limps, I limp, Maniac makes it $120, SB calls the $120. I make it $620 by tossing out six $100 chips. Maniac tank shoves for $3600. SB folds, I tank call with QJr. We run it twice. First board comes out KT477, second board runs out KT465. he has 67os. NH,GG.
Not a cash game but certainly the biggest pot I've ever won seeing that 1st place received a $12,000 WSOPME package and 2nd got $184 in a PokerStars triple shootout.

HU with 60% of the chips in play... ATo, flop comes out T92ss. 10 years ago so I forget exactly how the betting went but we got it all in, he shows QJss and the board bricks out. If he happens to be a member here, sorry Tumraa (won't ever forget his name ;) )
$0.25/0.5 with a bit over $150 effective stack.

I 3bet over an early open QQsc and get 5 callers, 35Tdd, UTG donks 2/3 and I ship huge, he tanks for ages and calls KQdd, blank turn, diamond on the river...that one hurt a bit.
Usually everybody is only buing in for 100bb's in our game.

He would have been stucked $300 if I had won :) and me on the other hand up over $300. (would've, could've, should've)
I lost a $13.5K pot 3 handed last Friday. Same 1/2 NLHE weekly game in NH that Courage was talking about. I'm trying to leave at 4am with 5500 (in for 3500). Another player stuck 7K relentlessly begs me to stay. 3rd player is so aggro he makes me look like chainsaw (he called $800 on the river with Ace high and won in an earlier hand).

Anyways, at 4am I want to leave, get coaxed into staying another hour. Right at 5am I make a bad play. AKQr flop, I have A8 (lol dead man). Turn is 8. I jam for whatever and both players snap me off with TJ, river blank. I played it so bad its ridiculous but if 7K guy asks me to stay later than I want again I'm going to kick him in the nuts as hard as I can. I played it so bad but it was exhaustion that killed me (not drunk). The other two guys are very aggro and I've got the best of them in the past but this was just a plain old gift. F me.

My largest pot was 18'ish at Fox in a 5/5 NLHE game about 11 years ago so no real story remembered. I had a flush and I don't even think it was the nuts (2nd). That table at Fox used to be hysterical. It was min $200 and no max so you'd see people with $300 and another with $30K. Totally weird dynamic. This is pre WPT Poker Room (which is no longer the WPT poker room).
LOL Guinness, not at that losing hand, but at the dynamics of small blind structure uncapped games. I've been in several games where the norm is to buy really big or buy near the min and try to play short stack-stick-it-in poker while the big stacks are trying to isolate each other to play massive pots. Like you said, very strange dynamics, but it usually brings up some interesting spots that add flavor to the game.
There are tales that are told about a $72,000 pot in a 1-2 game at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS. The story goes that a tourist came in and bought for $5 or $10k and was going about trying to bully the table so a local pro went to his box and pulled out $35k and put it in play. The tourist couldn't be outdone so he went to the cage and somehow/someway came back and put another $30k on the table.

Of course before long they get into a gigantic pot where the flop comes off 977 and they get it in with the local holding 99 and the tourist holding A7.

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