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Nov 7, 2014
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Port Coquitlam, B.C.
Hi guys and gals,

I think this would be a fun thread to read. Let me go first.

Last May for our 5th anniversary, my wife got me a Montreal Canadiens tattoo. My anniversary was on a Friday. However, since the Habs were still in the playoffs, a friend of mine decided to take me to Montreal, pay for the flight, and hotel, and all I had to do was pay for the tickets to the game at the Bell Center. My wife changed plans for that weekend to let me go see the Habs and the Bruins game 4 IN Montreal. She told me it is a once in a lifetime trip!

Next: I brought up a suggestion for a new table cloth from Chanman Poker Tables. She spoke to the fat guy in the red suit, and the rest is history.

Last: I suggested to wifey that I should get some custom CPC chip made. Wifey says go ahead, it's a once in a lifetime 1400 of those beauties are on the way!

So I think I have B.W.E....looking forward to reading your story!
Can we edit this to include best gf? I'm married (and love my wife) but I only have good poker stories including an old gf.
Can we edit this to include best gf? I'm married (and love my wife) but I only have good poker stories including an old gf.

If it has to be poker related then I'm out. My wife hates the game.

However, she is the best wife ever for a ton of reasons. Mainly for her being the settler and me being the reacher.

Holy shit is she hot!!!
Habs vs. Bruins in the playoffs is really priceless. Looking forward to seeing the chips

My wife is not only the nicest person I've met in my entire life, but she's a high 3.5 tennis player who loves good food and drinks Scotch, Calvados, Cognac, Armagnac, and rum -- all straight. :cool:

Oh, and she like to ride with me doing hot laps at the race track, and on the motorcycle (Honda 919, #114).

Plus she encourages me to travel to Vegas, AC, Foxwoods, etc. to play Barge, ATLARGE, FARGO, and MARGE poker tournaments.

And she cleans up after I cook.

Don't think I could ask for anything more...except maybe that she'd stop moving my stuff. 8)

Oh, forgot one: she earns a nice, fat salary, while I'm retired. 8) 8)
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029.jpgyeah I dig my wifey as well.. prepares all the home cooking for all our games... lets play tournies all over the country and tolerates when I lose ..... I pretty much have three of my best friends all wrapped into one last name... Could be the luckiest fella ever. ( Wife looking over my shoulder as I type this ) .. HAHAH JK..... I do mean every word !
My wife doesn't care for poker yet she watches poker on TV with me. She also let me start my own poker table business.
My wonderful wife prepares the poker night snacks and even joins in the games sometimes. She makes fun of my overt chip addiction but she's supportive of the hobby. (Plus I've never scheduled a poker night on our anniversary or her birthday, so that helps...)

It's kinda funny how many of us feel this way about our wives. We must really be scurvy dogs...

or their just that damn good :) nah, your prolly right, lol'

We try to have a date night at least once a week.



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