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Apr 4, 2024
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Howdy all. Started playing poker about 1.5 years ago with friends at home. Now we still play home games .25/.50 or .50/1 but I also like to get in some 1/2 or 1/3 live. Been running good in cashes, especially since the start of the year. Last session, in my first hand i got jammed on the river by trips when i hit a runner runner straight :') easy double up. tough beat for the other guy, i guess he was blocking a boat and thought he was good? who knows.

Very lucky to be in Montreal where I can play at Playground or at Casino de Montreal. I like to come to playground around 11pm and leave around 7am so i can have both dinner and breakfast which starts at 5am. At CdM, i have only played a few times with winnings from baccarat or craps. the games were sorta boring when i was there. lots of elderly quebecois dudes.

Lived here 5 years, came for school at mcgill. I was born and raised in NJ and drive down frequently from MTL. Never played in AC before but am planning a trip this summer. After dealing with both the nits and aggressive regs at playground, i feel pretty good about trying out AC. side note, where should i start in AC? any recs? was thinking borgata as it looks like a nice place.

Joining here because i'm looking to invest in some nice chips and meet poker people from the area. Apache dunes look nice, so do their majestic riverboat casino Paulsons. another side note: worth getting samples if im only looking for 300-500 chips? i just love the feel of casino chips and the look of these nice vintage ones. (3rd side note: i feel like the Playground 1 and 5 chips are super plasticky, the black 100 chips are niiiice though. anytime you get blacks in your stack at 1/2, you know you're running good)

Give me a shout if you're in the area, or want to talk music, basketball, poker, or make a playground trip! i have a car in the city so transit is easier for me than many who i know take the bus out from montreal. just be prepared to stay until breakfast! haha
Welcome! I've heard many good things about Playground!

Lots of good information to comb through regarding the different options available. I would recommend samples. Lots of options in varying price ranges that will all look and handle very differently from one another. Some new, promising ceramic molds that could be worth trying as well.

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