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Jan 28, 2024
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I've been playing around a little more with CPC mock up tool. I've been playing around getting some edge spot progression while trying to keep the chips level 1 with some sort of edge spot progression and this is what I came up with. Don't beat me down too bad with the inlay design, I'm definitely no graphic designer.


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Are you referring to the $5 and $25? The $5000 would rarely be out, if ever with the $25.
Almost all level 1 & 2 spots for my tournament set. I wanted to keep costs down for it since I only use the set a few times per year (if that).

Nice set. Mine would be primarily for poker tournaments. I only have $1 and $5 in mine so I can also host blackjack tournaments as well. I could probably get away with not getting the $1 and $5 but I am a completionist and I need a complete set or I will go bonkers that I am missing $1 and $5.
I like the fonts and colors you use in the inlay. You could get away with using more of the space with maybe a small logo or tagline.

The chips themselves have a lot of green and orange between the spots and base colors. At least 3 chips contain both green or orange. I'd try to repeat colors only once throughout the entire set if possible. Easier said than done... but that's where I spend 90% of my time when designing a set: tweaking colors until the set seems to have the right color temperatures without repeating too many of the colors.

Good luck!
Thank you. Yes, I have been thinking about a small logo, perhaps in the background of the "Beach house". There is still work to be done on the inlay. I'm sure once I get satisfied for an inlay it probably won't work, haha. As for the colors of the chips, I have been tinkering since I posted the original post and have five or six alternates of colors and spot changes now.
Use the green spotted $25 instead of the black spotted $25 and you should be ok from dirty stack perspective.
I think you need a brighter spot colour on the $5.
Bright White is worth the price premium over White.

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