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Mar 23, 2013
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20" x 30" ASM/CPC Mold Cups Canvas Wrap Around Print


Here is a chance to win a one of a kind canvas print of ASM/CPC Mold Cups!
This would make a great addition to your man cave/poker room.

]This giveaway is open to ALL PCF members with a minimum of 100 posts.
International members welcome!
PLEASE NOTE: Winner will be required to pay shipping.


Thank you for being an active member of the community!
A VERY BIG Thank You to Redbelly for making this PCF Giveaway possible!


Sweet giveaway and a big thanks to both you and redbelly for making it possible.
Fucksticks now I have to make 23 more posts

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Well, 22. Great giveaway! I heart PCF! :)
Awesome comp. the terms and conditions say I should ask about shipping costs before entering. So... how much is shipping?

Thanks Tommy and Sean.
Cool pic - would look great in Florida. :)

If pltrgyst wins he can store it on the wall at my house.
It is puuuurrrrrty. Would cost me a little money if I won it though. This would have to be hung in a cool custom frame
ABSOLUTELY . . . I spent almost $200.00 to frame a sheet of Desjgn cards a few years ago (it helps to have an in) . . . this would get similar treatment.
very nice Red Tommy Belly. Since I don't have a poker room I'll let others have a shot ;)
Tommy, I have to say I'm in awe of the number and quality of giveaways you have done. Thanks again for everything. I'm sure you are stepping up your game for the holiday season, but still this is an extremely nice prize.
Very cool. So... can I just copy & paste this post 99 times and enter?

(Oh, I guess nobody knows who I am around here, but you might have heard of jdunford from that other poker chip forum where I have over 8,000 posts)
Carnac the Magnificent says:

Redbelly will be flying down with this art to S@P II. It will look awesome on Mr. Tree's wall.
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