Trade 6 Lady Luck $100 for any clay casino chip (1 Viewer)

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Nov 7, 2014
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I'm on a singles mailing spree. I will trade a lady luck $100 for any clay casino chip (active, fantasy or closed) I don't own. First 6 people in this thread to offer a clay casino chip I don't own win. Post a picture of the chip or your post won't count. I won't reveal what I have because it is a lot so there is some luck involved.

US addresses only. Chips will be shipped in a plain white envelope and I assume winners will do the same.



1) pokerpig - Encore $1
2) judgeanjury - Harrahs Chester $1
3) ChipFinderSK - Sugar House $1
4) Fokker210 - Harveys $1
5) markleteenie - Boulder Station $1
6) eKricket - Golden Nugget $1

Edit: And I will add a chiproom non-clay (Bud Jones or Ceramic) chip on each trade just for fun.
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Word of caution, many of my "plain white envelopes" have gone undelivered in a month now. USPS is starting to mishandle stuff badly for me. Just my .02. Before this COVID issue, I've never lost a single chip. In the last month, I've got 5 errant envelopes.

EDIT : only trackable packages have been reaching. Only 1 envelope, headed to Norway, actually came back to my mailbox with a "temporary mail suspension" sticker attached.
@Josh Kifer , trade you something for that Harvey’s. I got one once, shipped poorly an received in 2 pieces

I have an extra chip and can facilitate this trade if necessary

@Josh Kifer - Receives a $100 Lady Luck chip
@krafticus - Receives a Harvey's $2
@Zmasterben - Receives the Jacksonville Jaguars' 2021 4th round pick and cash considerations

2 chips left.

I am ignoring Josh's offer because of obvious to-good-to-be-true reasons

Call in his lawyer, @Hornet. That Harveys is yours!
You can pay me for my help in chips.

Absolutely. Offer, acceptance, and consideration. You can pay me in chips, thanks.

edit: the market on my personal nudes is skyrocketing right now. I’ll include them in a deal for the Harveys.
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