Cancelled The Wasp's Nest RHC set (Lucky Lady, Boulder Station, Good Luck Club, HS Cleveland) (1 Viewer)

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Jan 23, 2020
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London, England
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Having finally pulled the trigger on a CPC tourney set, I've reluctantly decided to let these go. I just cannot justify more than 1 cash set when I only host half a dozen times a year. It would be nice to see these go to a better home. Loads of pics available here -

All chips have been murdered, and relabeled courtesy of our favourite Canadian label maker.

Breakdown is as follows:

100x Lucky Lady singles (25p) - Excellent
200x Boulder Station $2s (£1) - Excellent
300x Good Luck Club/Argosy $5s (£5) - Excellent (One rack has never been felted)
100x Horseshoe Cleveland $25s (£25) - Excellent

The racks from Alecnet will be included, shipping to CONUS is $80 and they'll come via a 48 hour service with UPS or Fedex, buyer can choose.

If you wanted to relabel these, the wasp on the rack can be sanded off easily. I will be keeping the box though, as my CPC tourney set will go in there, unless someone really wanted it...I expect these will end up being split and relabelled though so that's unlikely.

I'm not expecting to get my money back on these, pricing is as follows.

$1900 for the lot

$200 for the Lucky Lady rack
$300 a rack for the BS $2s
$250 a rack for the Good Luck/Argosy fivers
$200 for the HS Cleveland rack

More pics available if required.
Beautiful. Now I just need to win one of those 50/50 draws this weekend.
Excuse my ignorance, but what does the "p" stand for in English currency? I know it'll be similar to "cents" for American currency, but just never knew what it stood for.

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