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Aug 21, 2023
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So I used to multitable poker stars and other sites back in the hey days of mid 2000s. I remember those "virtual" tables had a 4 color deck option which I liked and used.

Now I see Copag is making these 4 color decks. Has anyone tried them during their house games? What is player reception when you use them? Do you still use them today?

I’m kinda indifferent. +1 for JDesign.

Some of my players (when I host) think it’s harder to see, but my eyes are fine :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:

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Our group is a big fan of 4-Color decks. We have both Copags and Faded Spade 3.0 in rotation. It doesn’t make the biggest difference, but it ever so slightly reduces misplays and mental load, and that’s nice. I don’t just like all 4-color decks, because sometimes they use horrendous greens and blues, but there are great ones out there.
Hard no. I'm old and don't like new things (even if these colored suits have been around for 20 years).
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Only like them for online poker (computer screen when suits are hard to see). Playing with them in live games give me UNO seizures (draw 2, skip, reverse, etc....).
Now I see Copag is making these 4 color decks. Has anyone tried them during their house games? What is player reception when you use them? Do you still use them today?

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I use these exact cards in my game. I like them. (Tried the original Desjgn four colors first, but did not like the way they handled. Maybe the newer versions have corrected that.)

Four colors is a no-brainer as far as usability goes.

Two colors is a hangover from days 200+ years ago when printing technology was limited and using multiple colors was prohibitively expensive. The only reason to stick with this standard is hidebound traditionalism or an inability to consider improvements.

BTW colors are *easier* to see on a computer screen. Don’t know where those comments are coming from.

The light from a screen is uniform and backlit. In live games you get all kinds of random lighting. Often in non-casino games it’s either too yellow and dim (40-60W incandescents), or too cold and bright (fluorescent).

Even in casinos you sometimes get shadows on the table, as I found during an early visit to the (terribly designed) Resorts World poker room in Monticello. In bad lighting, every added visual cue is a help.
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I’m getting mixed reviews, maybe 60-40 split. But the guys that hate them really hate them. In favor is the majority but not by much.

Speaking as someone who used to write a lot about design for magazines… There are always some people who will hate any redesign of a familiar thing.

Doesn’t matter how much better the new design is. They’re gonna hate it.

A cleaner, more readable layout for your daily newspaper? Hate it. New easier-to-open beer cans? Hate it. New logo for a fast food restaurant chain? Hate it.

Some children and pets are like this. Can’t deal with anything different even if it’s objectively better.

I’d say among adults this is typically about 20% of people who hate any change. It’s much more at first, but most initial grumbles make the adjustment and eventually come to like the new thing better.
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i play with buddy of mine who is colorblind, lots of fun...

I used to have two regs in my hand who were colorblind. I learned from them that there were different types of colorblindness.

It was in part because of them that I upgraded from THC solids to RHC “progressively” spotted chips for my game.

Unfortunately one died, and the other lost most of his sight, so they are not still playing.
Absolutely! My crew loves them. Desjgn>Copag. No experience with Faded Spade.

If you'd been born and raised with 4-color decks, how do you think you would respond to a player bringing a 2-color deck to play with? It would seem foreign. And with what benefit? Or consider if someone brought a 1-color deck to your next game. Would you be excited to not have to deal with the overstimulation of that pesky extra color?
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I can see how 4-color decks would be an improvement over 2-color decks, IF 2-color decks were a problem. But they’re not.
Honestly I’m indifferent.
On the one hand, yeah I lost a decent pot a couple of months ago because I thought I had a flush when I merely had five black cards. A 4-color deck would be an improvement, but that kind of deck happens so infrequently the the improvement would be minor.
On the other hand, 4-color decks look stupid.

So unless the players wanted it, I wouldn’t switch. And any time I’ve mentioned it, the responses have ranged from negative to very negative.
Online 100%. Live if the color is good on the decks. I've only seen about 25% that look good and pop live.

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