Jumbo 4-color decks in bulk? (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2023
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Chicago, IL
Right now I'm looking for quantity over quality - I am curious if there is any way to purchase jumbo 4-color decks in bulk or semi-bulk. Google search (or my terrible eyesight) is failing me.

Copag - too expensive for me to buy a lot of - makes double-sets, described specifically as:

4-Color Legacy Design 100% Plastic Playing Cards, Poker Size Jumbo Index Red/Blue Double Deck Set

Is there something like the above at a lower price-point? One thing I do want to retain, which the above does, is seeing the individual pips on twos through tens. There are a couple of 4-color jumbo designs out there that have the index (number/letter - normally in the corner) taking up almost the entire card - that I definitely don't want.

Any suggestions or links are much appreciated!

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