SOLD CLEARANCE Broken Arrow Playable MisPrint Decks- Bridge/Jumbo $2 each *Free SHIPPING* (2 Viewers)

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These decks are some of the best feeling, handling & shuffling cards I've ever had in my hands. If it wasn't for the misprint and the serif issue they would be just about perfect.

Can't wait for the reprints. :love:
Agreed. Not a big fan of bridge but my players and I have loved these. Just enough texture and shuffles like a dream.
Played Gin with them while I was recuperating from knee surgery and my mom and I really liked them. May have to order some more, and she may decide she wants some for her card group.
Just got the cards! That was quick! Thanks @justincarothers! I really like them and would purchase in other colors. The general aesthetic isn’t really my cup of tea but they are totally acceptable. Faded Spade-like but not hideous.

They shuffle nicely. I’d say they are on the slightly stiffer side of the scale…a scale with Kem on one end and Faded Spade on the other. Pretty similar to some DaVinci cards I recently picked up. Maybe similar to Gemaco Superflex or Cartamundi CCP The texture is really in the Goldie Locks zone of not too smooth not to rough…just right.

Jumbo index size is a good choice to…again about just right.
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Help me clear these out

9 black 9 gold- $30 shipped in the US- 7 available
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