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Aug 8, 2013
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I was playing in a 30 dollar tournament on Sunday at Running Aces a week or two ago. Had an awesome hand before the first break and a not so awesome hand following the break.

About 40 minutes in I'm sitting with :3c::qs: in the big blind. We have 6 people in the pot (counting me) and everyone limped in. At this point I think the blinds are around 300-600.

The flop comes and it's :qc::qd::3h:

I try not to flip over and calmly check after the small blind checks. The person next to me raises to 1200. 3 people fold and the small blind calls. I just call.

The turn comes and its a :as:

The small blind checks. I raise it to 2400. The person next to me calls as does the small blind.

River card comes and its a :jh:.

Small blind only has about 2000 left so he goes all in. I go all in as well which is for 14k. Guy next to me goes back and forth on a call and finally folds (sadly).

Small blind guy had :ts::th: so I had him dominated since the flop. The guy that folded to my all in "claimed" he had a straight.

That win made me chip leader at my table. After our first break I was still chip leader at my table but we had a couple people go all in and one guy quadrupled up the last two hands so he was about 500 under me in chips. Next hand after the break I get :ks::js:.

Blind are now 600-1200 so I raise it up to 3000 preflop. Everyone folds but Mr. Quadrupling up. He re-raises to 6k. I call. The flop comes :as::ts::ac:. I'm feeling pretty good with my odds of getting either a straight or a flush or even a straight flush. :cool:

I raise to 10k and he shoves all in for an additional 8k which puts me all in now too. I call and he flips over a pair of queens. The rest is a blur but suffice it to say no more spades came and neither did any jacks or kings and he won the hand taking me out in 98 out of 240.

If you've made it this far my question for you is this.... How would you have played my last hand?

Still fun for my first casino money tournament.

Epic fail on not taking pictures of my chip stack. At one point when I was chip leader it was pretty impressive :)
As played, I don't think it's bad. However, I think I would've checked and let Villain keep the betting lead on the flop. Your lead of 10k into a pot of 13,800 seems on the large side. If Villain was holding a non-spade Q then you're not all that far from a coin flip. I'm not sure I don't see how all the chips don't go in the middle anyways.
With those cards and that flop, I suspect you end up all-in regardless how you play it, unless you check and he shoves - even then you may not call, but still should.

Against QQ with that flop, you've got about 45% pot equity - the $12k in the preflop pot is enough to get you to call.

You're even stronger against AK, strangely enough. (Hitting your queen doesn't boat him up; if he has QQ, your queen boats him.)
I'm somewhat of a nitty player, especially in tourneys. KJ suited looks good pre-flop. If I take a stab by raising and get re-raised pre flop the KJs doesn't look so good anymore: I don't call the re-raise and fold that hand.
I'm in agreement with kingzilla. KJ can be a real ball buster... gets cracked by Ax way too easy. I will likely come out with a 3x 4x raise and will fold with any real resistance. Plus, it's way too easy to fool yourself postflop that you have a hand. Unless you are a real postflop player it's a dangerous hand.

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